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Life details of IgA chronic nephritis

2017-01-24 16:37
IgA of chronic nephritis, the name shows a great feature of it, namely the IgA nephritis is a chronic disease, so IgA chronic nephritis patients to do the long struggle with the disease psychological preparation, in daily life we should also pay attention to some of life's small details, and fight against the IgA in chronic nephritis bit by bit on!
1 IgA patients with chronic nephritis should establish confidence in the fight against the disease: chronic nephritis longer course of disease, prone to repeated attacks, should encourage patients to enhance confidence in the fight against the disease, closely cooperate with treatment, overcome disease.
2 IgA patients with chronic nephritis rest and work: IgA nephritis patients once diagnosed as chronic nephritis, in the beginning, regardless of the severity of the symptoms, should rest mainly active treatment, regular follow-up observation of disease changes. If the condition improves, edema subsided, blood pressure returned to normal or near normal, urine protein, red blood cells and various types of tubular micro
Volume, stable renal function, 3 months after the start of light work, to avoid strong physical labor, prevention of respiratory tract and urinary tract infections. The amount of activity should be gradually increased to promote physical recovery. The presence of hematuria, proteinuria, edema or hypertension in patients with IgA chronic nephritis, or progressive renal function
Patients with decreased IgA chronic nephritis should be treated with bed rest and active treatment.
3 IgA patients with chronic nephritis diet: acute exacerbation of chronic nephritis, edema or high blood pressure in patients with IgA chronic nephritis should limit the amount of salt intake, daily to 2 ~ 4G is appropriate. The height of edema of the IgA patients with chronic nephritis should be controlled in the daily 2G, salted fish, various pickles should be hanged, edema subsided after sodium intake and then gradually increase. except
There should be no restrictions on the volume of water consumption. Plasma protein is low, but no IgA patients with chronic nephritis should be high protein diet, daily protein should be 60 ~ 80g or higher. The total amount of protein intake should be limited to the following day, the supply of high quality protein containing essential amino acids, the total calories should be 40g
0.146kJ/kg weight, diet, nutrition and vitamins, fruits and vegetables are not limited.

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