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What are the routine methods of interstitial nephritis

2017-03-01 08:03
Blood examination
Interstitial nephritis patients in blood routine examination, will be found to have a mild anemia, and that due to local water sodium deposition, blood circulation caused by poor blood concentration decrease. If the patient has an infection site, there will be an increase in the number of white blood cells. Rate will result in a small number of patients with hyperkalemia.

Two, routine inspection method
The majority of children with nephrotic syndrome in the range of proteinuria and 1/2 of adult patients with urinary changes in the recovery of 4-6 months, a small number of sustainable 1 years, microscopic hematuria sustainable 1-2 years.

Three, immunological examination
In patients with acute nephritis, patients with ASO positive, which can not be denied and had a previous history of streptococcal infection, in the acute phase of patients with CIC can be positive. Most of the patients with C3, CH50 value will be significantly reduced, most patients will return to normal at 6-8 weeks.

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