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How is chronic nephritis checked out? How to care?

2017-10-23 17:17

Renal function tests: If the patient's kidneys are inflamed, the function of the renal tubules will decrease, and the amount of urine sodium and potassium excretion will increase, metabolic acidosis. Oliguria,the potassium will become higher, the function of the glomerulus will be impaired in the late stage, the blood urea nitrogen will be higher, and eventually lead to the occurrence of uremia.

How is chronic nephritis checked out? How to care?

Urine culture: urine culture refers to the normal urine of bacteria cultured. Normal urine should be sterile liquid, but there are various kinds of bacteria in the urogenital tract of the human body, and there is no pathogenic bacteria in the vagina due to pH acid, and there are many opportunistic pathogens such as lactic acid bacteria. As the pH changes, the normal flora will change. So do urine culture should be aseptic urine, remove the interference of the outside world, accurate detection of urine is the presence of bacteria, pathogens or conditional pathogens.

Urine routine: Urine protein is usually trace or a small amount, if the proteinuria is less than 3.0/24 hours, so that you do not suffer from nephritis. There is a small amount of red blood cells and white blood cells in the urine sediment. It is very helpful to diagnose the disease if there is a white cell tube type, but it is not the characteristic of nephritis.

Treatment of chronic nephritis, should strengthen the treatment of primary diseases, such as lupus erythematosus nephritis, renal tuberculosis, urinary tract obstruction and other diseases. If the help of dialysis treatment, lupus erythematosus nephritis and other primary diseases for treatment, some uremia can be reversed, renal function is expected to be a certain degree of recovery.

Patients should be aware of anemia, a large number of blood transfusions, will reduce the production of red blood cell hormones, but aggravating anemia. In addition, blood transfusion can further increase the content of toxic substances such as urea nitrogen in blood.

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