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How can iga nephropathy be cured?

2017-10-26 17:24

IgA nephropathy is a special type of glomerulonephritis, a group of multiple causes lead to the same immunopathological characteristics of chronic glomerular disease. In general, the main symptoms of patients is microscopic or naked eye recurrent hematuria, may be accompanied by mild proteinuria, the current treatment of Iga kidney disease is mainly from traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Western medicine is temporary solution, this is what we all know. Western medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy, most of the use of hormone therapy, hormone therapy IgA nephropathy is the principle of control of urinary protein, occult blood drugs, the destruction of the basement membrane loopholes blocked, urinary protein, occult blood is controlled, but at the same time, damaging substances or immune complexes in glomeruli of internal blockage, from the surface to see the urine test improved, it seems that the condition improved, in fact, because of these substances in the kidney can not be discharged, continue to accumulate, accelerate the destruction of renal parenchyma, so that the condition increased rather than improved. The results of the final development of uremia. At that time the difficulty of treatment will be greatly increased.

At present, the most effective way to treat IgA nephropathy is Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine therapy can fundamentally repair damaged kidney tissue, reduce its protein, red blood cell leakage, so that proteinuria, hematuria disappeared.

We know that IgA nephropathy is a very serious chronic disease, it can’t be cured in a short time, so as family members of IgA nephropathy patients, must have a certain degree awareness of IgA kidney disease, to take active treatment, don’t be too impatient, so as to be beneficial to IgA nephropathy treatment.

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