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4 treatment methods of radiation nephritis

2017-10-28 16:57

Nephritis is an allergic disease characterized mainly by renal disease. According to the clinical manifestations of patients with radiation nephritis can be divided into acute and chronic nephritis, patients with acute radiation may have mild proteinuria and hypertension can occur in patients with shortness of breath, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue and other symptoms, findings in patients with chronic radiation nephritis is asymptomatic proteinuria. Some patients have different degrees of renal damage, can appear or not appear high blood pressure.

4 treatment methods of radiation nephritis

The treatment of radiation nephritis patients has general treatment, surgical treatment, dialysis treatment, etc., including the general treatment of maintenance of renal function, antihypertensive and symptomatic treatment.

The treatment of acute radiation nephritis includes controlling hypertension, treating congestive heart failure and treating uremia. It is very important to control hypertension in patients with acute phase, commonly used vasodilators and diuretics. Chronic radiation nephritis patients are mainly symptomatic treatment and supportive treatment, routine treatment of chronic renal failure.

If patients diagnosed as unilateral nephritis and renal ischemia, and malignant hypertension performance can be considered unilateral nephrectomy, to eliminate malignant hypertension.

Dialysis treatment for uremia.

Radioactive nephritis treatment should maintain water and electrolyte balance, ensure the nutrition, found that foreign oppression obstruction in situ tumor or fibrosis causes and incidence of urinary tract infection in parallel processing, anti infection treatment.

Nephritis is an allergic disease characterized mainly by renal disease. Chinese medicine believes that this disease is lung, spleen, kidney three dirty disease, three dirty, should be timely treatment, when the edema subsided, should seize the opportunity, good self adjustment, in order to consolidate the curative effect, remove troubles.

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