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Kidney disease can not cured maybe because of infection

2017-11-06 16:28

Although kidney disease is difficult to achieve a radical cure, but can stabilize control, so that the condition is no longer worse. This state of adhering to the twenty, thirty years, life has passed half, regret will be less. And want to control the stability of kidney disease, it is necessary to learn to prevent infection, timely treatment of infection.

Kidney disease can not cured maybe because of infection

What kind of kidney disease is susceptible to infection?

Too thin, malnourished patients: too thin, the case of malnutrition, its energy is in short supply, vulnerable to bacteria, bacteria and other violations. The weight of the patient (kg) divided by height (m), then divided by height (m), the final index of less than 20 of patients should be vigilant.

Smoking, staying up late, no exercise and other bad habits of patients: stay up late, smoking is harmful to the kidney, but also easily lead to body inflammation, aggravating kidney damage.

Older or have nephrotic syndrome: as the age increases, the body function is also declining, the resistance will be weaker. Infection is one of the complications of nephrotic syndrome. The use of hormone, immunosuppressive treatment, resulting in inflammation of the body covered up, can not be timely treatment, resulting in infection.

So, how to prevent infection?

Stay away from infection: wear a cotton mask when you go out, not in crowded, crowded public places. Pay attention to personal hygiene, living environment hygiene, no pets. Don't share personal goods with others, such as razors, toothbrushes, towels, etc..

Balanced diet: do not eat a partial eclipse, eat all the healthy food, eat more fresh food. Quit smoking and drinking, don't eat junk food, dirty food.

Keep exercise: proper exercise can improve body constitution and improve body's resistance. You can choose fast walking, jogging, yoga, Tai Chi, playing ball and so on.

Keep warm: especially in cold weather, rainy weather, the seasons, to timely change of clothing to prevent colds.

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