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What need to do to prevent the development of nephritis into

2017-12-01 11:21

Nephritis is the most common disease of kidney disease. It can be divided into chronic nephritis and acute glomerulonephritis. Acute nephritis usually does not have renal function damage. It can be cured after timely treatment. Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis usually have varying degrees of renal dysfunction, and renal function is irreversible. Therefore, if chronic nephritis worsens, it will develop into uremia.

What need to do to prevent the development of nephritis into uremia?

First to control the factors that affect the process of chronic nephritis

Urine protein. This is a typical symptom of the early nephritis. The more the urine protein leaks out, the more serious the renal function is, and it will also aggravate the condition. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to reducing the leakage of urine protein. It is best to control the urine protein in 1g.

Hypertension. On the one hand, with the progress of the disease, the patient will have high blood pressure, on the other hand, high blood pressure can accelerate the deterioration of the renal function. Therefore, the blood pressure of the patients with nephrosis must be controlled below 130/80 to avoid the progress of renal function.

Renal function. It is a very important step to avoid the development of uremia in the patients with nephritis with mild impairment of renal function, and to slow down the progression of renal function. Therefore, the patients should regularly test the renal function level, mainly reflecting the renal small filtration rate, the endogenous creatinine clearance rate and so on.

Comply with the doctor's advice, do not abuse drugs

Early symptoms include chronic nephritis, urine occult blood, urine protein, edema, this time will generally take anti-inflammatory, anti infection and drug treatment to relieve the clear serum, urine protein and edema, to avoid the recurrence of disease exacerbation is entirely possible. As long as we persist in the use of drugs, the renal function is progressing slowly.

But some patients feel that the treatment effect is slow, the index has not been reduced, it is urgent to find some side to eat. As a result, the renal function was accelerated and the renal failure was rapidly developed, which was a pity.

It is important to learn to self - manage.

It includes four aspects: diet management, body management, emotional management and treatment management. Diet especially emphasizes low protein and low salt diet. Physical subjects should combine work and rest to enhance physical fitness and immunity. Keeping a good attitude is good for the disease. Timely review, timely return visit, and a better understanding of your condition can control it.


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