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There are 5 misunderstandings in the treatment of nephritis.

2017-12-01 11:23

Nephritis is a common disease, the incidence is 2.8%~5%, and there is an increasing trend. Many of them are misunderstood because of their misunderstanding of nephritis, which makes the original simple condition become more complicated, resulting in delayed treatment or aggravating the disease.

There are 5 misunderstandings in the treatment of nephritis.

Think that nephritis is a disease that can not cured. In fact, glomerulonephritis can not only be treated, but most of them can be cured or controlled. The effect is mainly depends on whether the diagnosis and treatment is timely, reasonable, and more important is related to the patient's own health care measures.

It is believed that eating animal kidneys can tonifying kidney. Animal kidneys contain androgen and corticosteroids, which are believed to be able to complement the kidney, but the actual results have not been verified by rigorous scientific research. The content of heavy metals in animal kidney, such as cadmium and lead, exceeds the limit. If this kind of food is often taken in, excessive heavy metal can not be discharged in time, it will reduce the reproductive capacity and harm the kidney and reproductive system.

Patients with kidney disease are reluctant to drink more water and are afraid to aggravate the kidney load. In fact, on the contrary, the daily metabolites in the human body rely on urine out of the body. If the amount of urine is insufficient, it will cause the accumulation of waste in the body and aggravate the damage of the kidney.

Abuse of antibiotics. Some patients equate the glomerulonephritis with the general inflammatory disease, and use antibiotics. In fact, there is an essential difference between the two. Nephritis is caused by abnormal immune system. The inflammatory disease is caused by the infection of the infection. The latter can be treated with antibiotics, and the treatment of the former is mainly to eliminate antigenic substances and prevent abnormal immune responses, mainly using immunosuppressive agents. Many antibiotics are associated with renal toxicity, and if they are abused, it will cause antibiotic kidney damage and aggravate kidney disease.

Avoid salt. Salt is an essential element of body tissue metabolism. Long-term salt prohibition can not only relieve the condition of the disease, but also decrease the function of many organs, which is not conducive to recovery. The light causes the illness to be deferred, and the heavy man endangers life. Under normal circumstances, if there is no obvious edema and high blood pressure, 3~5 grams of salt should be supplemented daily, and those with severe edema or hypertension can reduce the intake of salt properly, 1~3 grams per day should be appropriate.


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