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The three most dangerous factors in the treatment of kidney

2017-12-19 16:27

There are many causes of uremia in patients with renal disease , some of which are harmful and some have little impact . In the course of treatment of kidney disease , there are three factors which are the most dangerous , and if there are no such cases , the possibility of developing renal failure in patients with renal failure is very low . Hypertension . Young people suddenly have high blood pressure , mostly kidney problems .

The three most dangerous factors in the treatment of kidney disease !

Hypertension can cause persistent damage to the kidney and control blood pressure is the first step in patients with renal disease . There are two kinds of commonly used antihypertensive drugs in patients with renal disease : captopril and valsartan . Because these two kinds of drugs can reduce blood pressure and lower urinary proteins , it is worth noting that creatinine is not recommended in patients with 225 - 707 . Since taking these two types of drugs reduces glomerular filtration pressure , decreases glomerular filtration rate and leads to an increase in blood creatinine . ( Note : There is no kidney injury ) . Urinary protein . Through a large - scale investigation and sampling , a number of national research teams have confirmed that urinary proteins can cause kidney damage independently , and that the rate of renal function decline in patients with urinary proteins is at least twice that of non - protein patients . Whether adopting hormone therapy or conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine , urinary protein is a very visual indicator , so long as the treatment is effective and has no serious side effect , the treatment can be continued . If the treatment is not effective , why not change ? Anemia . In addition to the metabolism of waste in the kidney and the function of producing bilirubin , it can promote the generation of red blood cells , and decrease the bilirubin after the disease occurs in the kidney , leading to anemia . In normal cases , the kidneys get enough blood to get nutrients and filter the waste , but in the case of anemia , the kidneys are not supplied with adequate blood , which further accelerates kidney cell death , produces fewer bilirubin , and forms a vicious circle . Due to the fact that the root cause of anemia caused by kidney disease is the reduction of the production of bilirubin , the effect of supplementing iron alone is not large , and targeted therapy is needed , in which the injection of bilirubin is the quickest way . Patients with nephrotic syndrome have a variety of conditions in the course of treatment , but can control blood pressure , protein and anemia , and develop into renal failure uremia has been relatively low .


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