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Early polycystic kidney disease how to treat

2017-01-24 17:44

How early treatment of polycystic kidney and polycystic kidney patients? Double kidney with blister, because the cell mutation caused by the structure and function of polycystic kidneys abnormal protein, epithelial hyperplasia, tubular obstruction, resulting in kidney polytopy cyst, which is liquid, renal tubular secretion.
The cause of the cell mutation in these cells is, in the final analysis, inherited. Studies have shown that about half of parents with polycystic kidney disease, the probability of polycystic kidney disease to the next generation of about 1/4.
After the patient suffers from polycystic kidney cyst, due to continued oppression kidney, polycystic kidney disease also cause many other diseases, because of impaired renal parenchyma, bilateral renal area persistent pain, the patient may have pain bloating feeling, also may be associated with hypertension, hematuria, oliguria and other symptoms. In the late stage of polycystic kidney disease, rapid progression, such as uncontrolled, can be progressed to the stage of uremia in a short period of time.
Early detection and early treatment of polycystic kidney cyst, with the extension of time will continue to increase, not only the renal capsule stretching caused by lumbar discomfort, and cyst compression normal renal inherent cells, affect kidney function even to uremia. The treatment of polycystic kidney disease in general there are 3 ways: 1, western medicine curing puncture surgery, but postoperative reduction in the original cyst surrounding pressure, small cyst will increase rapidly; 2, western medicine decortication surgery, has some traumatic, will also make a small cyst increase; conservative treatment 3, external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine disease no, danger, can make cyst gradually back to absorption, tubular epithelial cells and fibroblast like secretion inhibition and repair abnormal growth, make cyst continuous retraction, and can effectively prevent cyst increase, reduce the damage of renal cells, to achieve the purpose of treatment.

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