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What is hemodialysis

2017-01-24 17:56
Hemodialysis today we meet, it is often heard of kidney dialysis and dialysis. For, what is hemodialysis? We take a look at my site is affiliated with the kidney disease hospital hospital experts on how to explain it!
What is the blood dialysis? My site is affiliated with the kidney specialist hospital nephropathy experts explain: hemodialysis is a kind of blood purification technology. Most of the 500 thousand kidney disease patients who rely on dialysis to sustain life in the world. Hemodialysis has a certain significance to reduce the performance of patients with kidney disease and prolong the survival period. Hemodialysis is a membrane according to the balance principle, the blood nephropathy patients through a hole in the film there are many (or pipe, the medical term, these holes can allow a semipermeable membrane) than that of small molecules through molecular, and the diameter is larger than membrane pores are blocked and left, and the semipermeable membrane dialysis fluid contact with certain chemical constituents the.
Dialysis, small gap nephropathy patients blood flow through a semi permeable membrane composition, flow of dialysate in the outside, particles of red and white blood cells and protein and other non method through the semi permeable membrane pores; and water, electrolyte and blood metabolites, such as urea, inosine, guanidine and other small substances by the semipermeable membrane into the dialysate dispersion; and dialysis fluid substances such as bicarbonate and acetate can diffuse into the blood, to remove harmful substances, substances required to supply the body.
The above is for you to explain the "what is hemodialysis" if you want to know more detailed explanation of the details can click online expert consultation, kidney disease experts will further explain for you. My site attached to the hospital of Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy: this method is corrected with the imbalance of yin and Yang, so as to achieve the balance of the original state, so as to cure disease or from disease third rebound. In the course of treatment, emphasizing the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, pay more attention to the clinical effect, the results are the last word.

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