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What drug does kidney function incomplete eat?

2017-01-24 17:53
According to the data of the case submitted by now, the disease has developed into chronic nephritis renal insufficiency, this time in the treatment like never before, must accept the formal system of treatment, otherwise, once the illness into the renal azotemia and uremia period of development, is also very quick. Look attention! I hospital in the treatment of the disease that combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, the key is the application of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney fibrosis, blocking the hardening process, fundamentally at the same time, Chinese medicine iontophoresis through the kidney area expansion of renal artery, improve renal microcirculation, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis to remove and repair students the new role, to improve and protect renal function fundamentally. After treatment, so that the damage to the renal unit can be activated, renal function can be restored and improved, so that the kidneys play their own detoxification function, the condition can be fundamentally improved.

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