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Treatment of IgA nephropathy process should pay attention to what issues?

2017-01-24 17:18

During the treatment of IgA nephropathy, the patient should pay attention to the questions that need to be paid attention to during the treatment. Only do a good job with the comprehensive work, in order to be very good for the treatment of the disease, increase the treatment of IgA nephropathy. So the treatment of IgA nephropathy process should pay attention to what questions? Let's get my kidney.
Disease experts to explain in detail.
Treatment of IgA nephropathy process should pay attention to what issues? Mainly has the following several points:
1, when the edema phenomenon in patients with IgA nephropathy is more serious, such as edema is confined to the eye or ankle edema was mild; lower extremity edema extended to moderate; spread to the whole body even showed ascites and pleural effusion, is severe. Patients with moderate to severe IgA nephropathy should be in bed.
2, when the patient showed palpitation, shortness of breath, cough symptoms, the patient should be attention, this shows that there is blood stasis, pulmonary infection or cardiac depression and other serious cases, you should rest in bed, actively cooperate with the treatment, so far away from the condition continued to deteriorate.
3, when the patients of IgA nephropathy showed occult blood, the patient should cause attention. If the urine volume was significantly reduced, daily urine volume in 500 ml, or occult blood (such as eye wash water meat) heavier, often show serious illness, should rest in bed.
4, IgA nephropathy patients with headache, dizziness, vomiting, this condition is usually accompanied by high blood pressure occurs, should seize the time to measure blood pressure, such as blood pressure does not confirm the rise, it should be bed rest. If the blood pressure is increased quickly, perhaps showing the brain edema, headache and vomiting aggravated.
When the patient shows the above phenomenon, the patient should be noted, to the relevant hospital, IgA nephropathy examination and treatment, to ensure the safety of IgA nephropathy. One of our hospital's "traditional Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine + six immune therapy" to take the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, western medicine diagnosis, the premise of traditional Chinese Medicine
Different syndromes of kidney corresponding immune regulation, dissipating stasis, dredging the active function of prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with western medicine treatment methods such as plasma cell replacement, plasma immunoadsorption, international advanced recovery technology, effective recovery by impaired kidney cells, normal renal function, truly Chinese and Western, learn from each other
A good fruit to cure.
Warm tip: in fact, IgA nephropathy to the patient's injury is relatively large, however, the treatment of this disease is quite difficult. Only according to their own disease, the correct prevention and treatment, in order to effectively control the disease. If you do not understand the place, you can click on the online expert consultation, or contact QQ. Kidney disease in our hospital
Experts will provide you with further detailed explanation, and finally sincerely wish you an early treatment.



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