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The kidney cyst is big, needs to have the surgery

2017-05-25 10:59

Renal cyst is a general term for cystic lesions in the kidney that are not associated with the outside world. The common renal cyst as simple renal cysts, renal cyst and polycystic kidney disease, usually asymptomatic, or other diseases in medical imaging examination discovered. Some patients feel the symptoms of lower back pain. Some very large cysts of the kidney, especially those with cystic hemorrhage or infection, produce marked abdominal pain and discomfort. Some kidney cyst happens to oppress ureter or kidney, neck, can cause hydronephrosis and secondary infection, and then appear low back pain, fever, urinary tract infection symptoms. Individual simple cyst of kidney can produce cystic wall canceration

In theory: if the cyst is smaller (less than 5cm diameter), without renal parenchyma or renal pelvis obvious pressure, no infection and malignant change, people suffering from hypertension do not advocate surgery, can be regularly followed by B-mode ultrasound observation. If a large cyst (diameter greater than 5cm) or have the obvious compression of kidney, infection, should be treated by surgery, including surgery by ultrasound or CT guided percutaneous sclerotherapy, renal cyst removal surgery, the laparoscopic renal cyst removal surgery with small trauma, quick recovery, has become the preferred technique for renal cyst operation.

Surgical treatment of renal cysts results in immediate removal of large cysts and eliminates temporary pain and compression problems in patients. But the complete surgical excision of the cyst is not easy, renal cysts are easy to remove the surface, and to remove the deep kidney cyst is very difficult. If one side of the renal parenchyma extensively damaged, and a normal contralateral kidney, the ipsilateral renal resection. If bilateral polycystic kidney, and the renal insufficiency, then need a healthy kidney transplantation, then two polycystic kidney resection. And there are certain risks of surgery, traumatic, not all surgery can be 100%.

Increased renal cyst must operation? The answer is negative, (the original Chengdu Shenkang nephropathy Medical Research Institute) the authority of the expert team after many years of extensive research and practice has proved: the latest launch treatment method for renal cyst electric diathermy repair therapy, the therapy based on the physical principle of different cell immunotherapy, has the ability to absorb different waves, with different wave length, selective effect on kidney cells, play a special role. When the renal functional cells are treated, they activate metabolism, repair the damage that has been produced, and restore the function. No operation, safe and reliable.

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