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The cause of the edema

2017-01-24 15:58

Organization clearance excess fluid retention, called edema (edema), usually refers to the skin and subcutaneous tissue fluid retention, increased within the coelomic fluid called effusion. According to the distribution range, edema can be characterized by local or systemic, often at the same time have a serous cavity effusion when systemic edema, such as ascites, pleural effusion and pericardial cavity effusion. Systemic edema main source for the intentional source edema, renal edema, liver source sex oedema, nutrition is not benign edema, mucous edema, idiopathic edema, drug-induced edema, senile edema, etc. According to the degree of edema can be pided into light, medium and severe edema, mild edema, restricted to the eyelids, orbital soft tissue, tibia, subcutaneous tissue of the ankle, finger pressing visible organization after mild depression, weight can increase about 5%. Moderate: systemic osteoporosis group all have visibility edema, acupressure can appear obvious after or deep tissue sag, heal slowly. Severe: systemic organization severe edema, low body skin shiny, even has a liquid, sometimes may be accompanied by the chest and abdominal cavity effusion, scabbard film.

The causes of disorder of body fluid balance: plasma colloid osmotic pressure; Hydrostatic pressure inside the capillaries; Capillary wall permeability increase; Lymph is blocked.Plasma colloid osmotic pressure decrease in protein malabsorption or malnutrition and accompanied by a large amount of proteinuria kidney diseases, etc. When the amount of plasma albumin to 25 g/L or the total protein amount to 50 g/L, can appear edema, systemic. Within the capillary hydrostatic pressure in vein occlusion or venous reflux disorder due to a variety of causes. Local venous return obstruction caused by edema or water corresponding parts of the organization, such as cause gastric bowel wall edema and ascites of cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure in the vena cava reflux disorder is caused by systemic edema. Increased capillary wall permeability of vascular active substances (histamine, stimulating peptide), bacterial toxins, such as oxygen can increase the permeability of capillary wall and cause oedema. Edema of inflammatory lesions is mainly due to increased permeability of blood capillary wall, angioneurotic oedema and allergy caused by edema also belong to this mechanism. Such damaged local edema usually occurs in the vessel wall. Lymphatic is blocked, after the eradicative resection of breast cancer due to destruction of axillary lymph node excision of local lymph circulation, can happen with lateral upper extremity edema; Because of lymphatic filariasis in lower limbs and scrotum blocked by insect body, often occur and scrotal edema of lower limbs. In addition lymphatic comprehensive cancer embolism can cause local edema. Renin - angiotensin aldosterone system auxiliary water sodium retention, renin - angiotensin aldosterone system of heart failure, cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome edema secondary role. Heart failure heart beat up less, renal blood perfusion inadequacy, stimulate renal proximal ball receptor, renin secretion increased, renin angiotensin original has becomes the activity of angiotensin Ⅰ, then through role to angiotensin conversion enzyme Ⅰ into angiotensin Ⅱ, which ACTS on the adrenal cortex zona cells, aldosterone secretion, thereby promoting renal distal convoluted tubule reabsorption of sodium and incur sodium retention, causing increased blood crystal osmotic pressure, which stimulate the blood vessels to osmotic pressure sensor, after making the pituitary secretion of antidiuretic hormone, to strengthen water reabsorption of renal distal convoluted tubules. Water retention encourages the formation of cardiac edema. Edema and ascites of cirrhosis of the liver, also has the role of aldosterone to participate in, this is because the liver cells of aldosterone of inactivated function decline, at the same time, after ascites formation, because of the reduced blood circulation, causes aldosterone secretion increased again. Nephrotic syndrome due to the huge loss of albumin, plasma protein content is low, edema, fluid escape from the blood vessels outside introversion, circulating volume to drop, and stimulate the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system activity.



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