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Senile renal failure disease

2017-01-12 18:23

In the diagnosis of urinary system diseases, pyelonephritis is a relatively more common than the more common in women with very large side effects on human health. And because of differences in each person's body, so cause pyelonephritis is not the same, so many patients do not understand what is the cause of pyelonephritis, and do not know how to do protective measures. What is the incidence of pyelonephritis? Below by my website membership nephropathy hospital doctor as we explain in detail.
First:A bradyuria can contribute to pathogen reproduction resulting in ascending infection, such as polycystic kidney, kidney stones, renal tumor, renal ptosis, ureteral or lower urinary tract stones, cancer, pregnancy, neurogenic bladder, prostate hypertrophy, urethral stricture were prone to become cause of disease induced pyelonephritis.
Second, urinary tract operation or instrument operation: urinary tract operation such as urethral dilatation, cystoscopy, urinary catheter is largely not more than four days were up to 90%.
Third, sex life cause pyelonephritis: sexual life for female urethral mouth or urethral compression in trauma, short, anterior urethral bacteria is easy to be directly into the bladder due to infection, and thus become the cause of pyelonephritis.

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