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Has two species special situation

2017-02-02 17:07

Has two species special situation: If at do had kidney wear found is Council stove section paragraph hardening sex nephritis 8 week no turned yin, also cannot said is real of difficult rule sex kidney fully; or is those on hormone not sensitive who, these people eat has foot volume hormone was no what side effects, size and face are not variable, this two species situation are can put hormone relaxed to 12 week, illness has may get ease.

Slower reduction principles after the hormone every day down to 0.5mg/kg/d is very important, and longer and more slowly, to 10mg per day or 20mg maintenance dose every other day to keep more than half a year. During this time, patients are often converted to outpatient treatment, is in full accordance with the doctor's prescription medicine is questionable – fit boys and girls face skin changes are worrying, subjective impulses have come on reductions, if they don't do publicity and education, easily without reductions. If you are medication every other day, inadvertently eating problems can also occur.

In addition, reduction or maintenance phase, low resistance, frequent colds or infections often cause the recurrence of urinary protein, this issue well, tend to disrupt hormone reduction pace, while adding while reducing side effects enlarged, thus affecting the kidney fully restored.

Ensembles of kidney complications in hormone-sensitive or recurrence, such as the Renal vein thrombosis, potentially infected. Kidney more comprehensive rule is more difficult in the future, if not standard treatment or negligence led to the disease again, after a few hormones tend to be less sensitive, conversion difficult refractory renal CSSA would be difficult to solve.









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