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What are the causes of kidney disease?

2017-02-02 17:05

Whether it is a comprehensive treatment of the kidney, or the prevention of the kidney, we should understand the relevant causes of kidney syndrome. As long as the patient for effective symptomatic treatment, will be able to effectively control the disease of the kidney. So what are the causes of kidney disease? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
The common causes of kidney syndrome:
First, genetic causes
There is a certain relationship between the synthesis of the kidney and the heredity, and the related investigation shows that if there is a patient with kidney in the family, the prevalence rate of the disease is higher than that of the patients without family history.
Two, allergic causes
In patients with renal disease due to allergy patients accounted for a very large part; at the same time some nephrotic patients with eosinophilic granuloma, manifestations of systemic edema, swelling of the ear lymph nodes, elevated eosinophil level, all PRO, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia, detected by patients on white Candida and diphtheria vaccine allergy and kidney synthesis.
Three, immune abnormalities
The relationship between kidney and humoral immunity, immune complex formation and abnormal cellular immunity. Renal biopsy showed a fibrous protein like substance, with an electron dense under the epithelium, and some of the electron dense. These ferocious iota delta consisting of Chinese philology Yu Shao di /p> tal rate shares?
As long as it is sick, the patient must pay attention to the treatment of the disease. One of my school "characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy, physicians must be on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease patients after the implementation of tracking and follow-up system, guide the daily routine, hospital medicine, diet rules, establish confidence, to help the patient disease management and improve the long time survival the rate of.
Warm tip: in fact, understanding the pathogenesis of kidney syndrome, in order to be able to better treatment. So the patient must make good use of these knowledge, actively cooperate with the treatment of kidney, reduce the side effects of illness. If there is no way to solve the problem in detail for you, I suggest you consult our hospital online experts. According to your specific condition, you can give a better treatment plan.

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