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Show the reason of the low protein in the kidney?

2017-01-24 16:13

There must be a source of progress in a disease, but we may not know the end of the origin is not just a. The reasons for showing the kidney synthesis of low protein in where? We really want to follow it to find it? Forget it, we have no such ability, or directly look at the survey director He Ruiqi guest guests of this station.
Result bar!
1 loss of plasma proteins.
In fact, a large number of PRO in urine routine is the source of blood. In the blood flow through the kidney, kidney due to infection or the patient is other secondary diseases happen fibrosis, stop protein away, and renal tubular re absorption can not come back. That is, every time the blood flows through the kidneys
Scrape off a layer of skin, which is the most important cause of low protein in patients with kidney complex.
2 intestinal recovery of protein.
Because of the loss of a large number of proteins in the urine, it will lead to edema, which will affect the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. The protein in food is not absorbed by the human body, and the balance of nitrogen is also out of orbit. At this time, the situation of low protein in patients with renal syndrome will be further aggravated
3 patients showed abnormal protein metabolism.
The patient will have anemia, renal complications in hyperlipidemia, hypercoagulable state and a series of time in end-stage patients occurred, this time will seriously reduce the body immunity, protein metabolism may also show abnormal condition. Including the synthesis to reduce, the distribution change, the increase speed cannot keep up with the loss the speed, also is the compensation
The ability to reduce and so on, resulting in the aggravation of hypoproteinemia.
Show this situation only active treatment of Shenzong can solve the low protein diet in renal care also doubt, should also be included, Institute of investigation in this nephropathy nephropathy hospital attached to the national website I can help you.

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