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Nephrotic syndrome in patients with food taboos what?

2017-01-24 11:39

Nephrotic syndrome in patients with food taboos what?
Nephrotic syndrome (NS) may be caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, manifested as proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia is a clinical syndrome.
What are the diet of patients with nephrotic syndrome, a lot of friends want to know the next bar.
The diet of nephrotic syndrome in patients with nephrotic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome is the most of our lives do not pay attention to details such as diet caused by the treatment of nephrotic syndrome must start small, the first is the nephrotic syndrome diet, good diet treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the disease is good half. Please come to the experts to introduce us to the diet of nephrotic syndrome.
On the diet of nephrotic syndrome, experts suggest that you should eat more vitamin rich fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat: melon, watermelon, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, pumpkin, gourd, bitter gourd, gourd, carrot, yam, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, spinach, cabbage, bamboo leaf vegetables, seaweed, tomatoes, onion ginger, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, eggplant, fish, egg, milk, lean meat, honey, walnut, pear, red bean, celery, onion, lettuce. Eat apples, sugar, black sesame, fungus and other food Yin fire.
Nephrotic syndrome diet experts tell us eat bananas, citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate. Eat nuts (such as walnuts, chestnuts, almonds) and pickled foods (such as pickles, pickles etc.). Avoid edible alcohol and spicy foods, eat less fat and animal protein containing many meat food (such as meat, shrimp, crab, etc.) in nephrotic syndrome diet experts suggest that the diet of beans and their products (such as tofu, bean sprouts, bean powder etc.); all diet supplements, and easy to fire tonic foods such as chili chocolate, litchi, etc.. Some high sodium foods such as beef jerky, beef, shrimp, sea cucumber, egg, instant noodles, Salted Duck Egg, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, mustard, seaweed, Pickled Potherb Mustard. Not eat fishy, shrimp, crab, pickles, sauce, pickled tofu, bacon, sausage, bacon and other salty food, fertilizer, tobacco, wine vinegar and garlic, leek, stimulating food onions and other spicy products.
On nephrotic syndrome diet experts told us about a lot, correct treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with hope, experts also told us: if your health appeared the symptoms of the disease, do not delay the diagnosis, should be promptly to the regular hospital, so as not to delay the disease, causing serious consequences, as early as the early treatment. If you have any other questions about the diet of nephrotic syndrome, please consult our online experts or call for advice. Wish you a speedy recovery!

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