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Children with nephrotic syndrome in the diet is limited.

2017-01-24 11:45

Children with nephrotic syndrome in the diet is limited.
Nephrotic syndrome (NS) may be caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, manifested as proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hyperlipidemia is a clinical syndrome.
Kidney disease is a disease of great harm to the body, it is easy to bring other convenient complications, and even threaten the lives of patients. A lot of children, for a variety of reasons, at the time of birth, suffering from such a terrible disease, to the children and his parents have brought pain. Let us know about the children with nephrotic syndrome.
Clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome in children:
1, the incidence of simple renal disease is more than 2 ~ 7 years old.
(1) the whole body can be concave edema, face, lower limbs, scrotum is obvious, often ascites, general body condition is still good, no hypertension.
(2) oliguria, urinary protein is ~ + + + + + + +, quantitative >0.1g/ (kg.d). I have a small amount of red blood cells in urine microscopy.
(3) the total plasma protein was lower than normal, albumin was significantly lower (<30g/L), serum protein electrophoresis showed a decrease in the proportion of albumin, R globulin decreased. Blood cholesterol increased significantly (>5). 7mmol /L), serum complement is normal.
(4) the renal function was normal, and there was a slight mild hypoxemia during the period of edema.
2, the onset of age in school age, clinical features are as follows:
(L) age of onset is more common in children over 7 years of age, edema is generally not serious.
(2) blood pressure can be increased in varying degrees, often with paroxysmal or persistent hypertension and hematuria.
(3) serum complement can be reduced, and there are different levels of nitrogen.
3, congenital kidney disease is rare, mostly recessive genetic disease, more common in the neonatal period and the onset of the disease within three months after birth, performance and simple kidney similar.
Nursing care of children with nephrotic syndrome
1, note: severe edema edema should avoid intramuscular injection of drugs due to severe edema often caused by drug retention, or malabsorption after injection pinhole extravasation leading to local, moisture, erosion or infection. Must muscle.
2, to ensure the diet: to ensure heat, protein intake control at around 2g/kg per day is appropriate. Short term restriction of salt or edema.
3, prevention of infection: children with nephrotic syndrome and children with infectious diseases. To avoid the cold, do not go to crowded places.
4, pay attention to rest: severe edema and high blood pressure need to rest in bed, generally do not need to strictly limit the activities, according to the appropriate arrangements for the patient's cultural activities, so that patients with mental pleasure
Children with nephrotic syndrome diet should pay attention to the problem
Diet restriction of children with nephrotic syndrome
Our normal adult daily intake of salt is about 5 - 6 grams, some areas eat salt per person per day to 12 grams, eating too much sodium salt, easy to make the water retention in the body, cause edema, so the renal edema patients should control the amount of salt, 3 grams of salt per person in 2 is low salt diet. Long term salt free diet is not scientific, easily lead to fatigue and dizziness and other symptoms. Children with nephrotic syndrome do not eat too much, do not eat unclean food.
Two, children with nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions - water
Acute nephritis, acute renal failure and oliguria period and nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure with oliguria edema patients, to control the amount of water. Because drink them discharged out, will increase the swelling water retention in the body, but also easy to increase blood pressure, the water quantity in urine volume 500 ml is appropriate. Urine volume increased after the water can be relaxed. Urine volume of patients with normal water intake is not limited. In addition, the patients with urinary infection such as acute pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, in addition to timely treatment medication, more water, more urination of disease rehabilitation is very favorable.
Three, children with nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions - fish, shrimp
Fish food, do not eat some conscious patients with nephrotic syndrome, that is not good, the kidney in fact, such food quality protein, in allergic diseases such as allergic purpura, purpura nephritis due to suspected protein allergies or fish allergy should be used with caution, usually without taboos.
The clinical manifestation is nephrotic syndrome from above, matters to the diet should pay attention to, for kidney disease should pay attention to diet, or delay condition.

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