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Nephrotic syndrome in children's daily diet should pay atten

2017-01-24 11:45

Nephrotic syndrome in children's daily diet should pay attention to what problems? A summary of the five points for attention.
For children with nephrotic syndrome is a very important diet that should pay attention to what the problem? The following details.
For patients with nephrotic syndrome, the daily protein intake should be based on how much protein loss in the urine to determine, with the daily 1.5-2.0g/kg weight is moderate, with high quality protein foods such as meat, eggs, milk, fish is good.
Nephrotic syndrome patients should also be timely supply of certain heat (adult daily 126 - 147kJ / kg body weight) and some trace elements such as calcium, iron and vitamin A, D, B2, C etc.. We should limit the intake of lipids, with less oil and low cholesterol diet as well, but also should not eat fishy, shrimp, crab, pickles, sauce, pickled tofu, bacon, sausage, bacon and other salty food, fertilizer, tobacco, wine vinegar and garlic, leek, stimulating food onions and other spicy products, raw fruit also should not eat. Some high sodium foods such as beef jerky, beef, shrimp, sea cucumber, egg, instant noodles, Salted Duck Egg, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, mustard, laver also should not eat. Daily light meals as good.
1, asymptomatic proteinuria or hematuria, or the recovery of various types of kidney disease, do not need to deliberately limit the diet, just a moderate amount of protein or salt intake can be reduced. Patients with renal insufficiency should be limited protein, reduce protein intake, such as poultry, seafood, soy products, help to reduce the pressure of the kidneys, thereby protecting the kidneys. However, the protein can not be reduced too little or even malnutrition.
2, the presence of water sodium retention, edema, should limit intake of water and salt, especially the emergence of heart failure, severe hypertension should be strictly limited, even take the salt free diet. To correct heart failure, blood pressure and then restore the original diet.
3, to ensure adequate heat, especially in the growth stage of children, adolescents. If in order to limit the protein or sugar and affect the intake of calories, will affect the growth and development of children, malnutrition and other changes. For patients with chronic renal failure, to ensure adequate heat is particularly critical. Attention to caloric intake in obese diabetic nephropathy patients.
4, protein intake with high quality protein (>1/2), specific intake according to the degree of renal insufficiency and the patient's specific condition.
5, such as potassium is too high, can lead to cardiac arrest, so to limit the food containing high potassium. If there are leafy vegetables, fruits, fruit juice.
The above is about the nephrotic syndrome patients in the daily diet notes, in the usual diet is mainly light. Patients with kidney disease should be stressed that the main diseases of diet therapy: acute, chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome; diabetic nephropathy; uric acid nephropathy; urinary calculi; chronic renal failure; acute renal failure.

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