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Nephrotic syndrome patients should not eat vegetables?

2017-01-25 17:08
Nephrotic syndrome patients should not eat vegetables?
Nephrotic syndrome is a common renal diseases, our daily diet and nephrotic syndrome patients have a very close relationship, once suffering from nephrotic syndrome, the majority of the patients must be careful not to eat beans, ginger, bamboo and spinach and other vegetables, so we avoid eating the vegetables, can make patients the early rehabilitation of illness.
Nephrotic syndrome is a common renal diseases, our daily eating habits and nephrotic syndrome has a very close relationship, therefore, the majority of patients with nephrotic syndrome in the daily diet should pay attention to, do not casually eat, must follow to do otherwise, follow the doctor's advice that is a very serious harm to the body, so what are the patients with nephrotic syndrome should not eat vegetables? Here is simple to introduce.
The first kind of vegetables is ginger, ginger when we are cooking or stew, a lot of people to taste will put some ginger, ginger contains pigment, this material will stimulate the bladder mucosal inflammation of the urinary system, urinary system, so for nephropathy syndrome patients is of no benefit,. Don't eat.
Second kinds of vegetables is water, although the water contains some nutrients, but for patients with nephrotic syndrome is no good, because bamboo contains oxalic acid and insoluble calcium oxalate. The occurrence of these substances is likely to cause kidney stones in patients with nephrotic syndrome patients, so also should pay attention to eat.
Third kinds of vegetables are spinach, spinach is rich in iron, there are certain advantages for patients with anemia, but the human spinach belongs to the matter, after eating spinach in patients with nephrotic syndrome, urine will become turbid, and salt crystallization in urine tube will be gradually increased, so patients with nephrotic syndrome to eat.
Fourth kinds of vegetables is beans, soy beans, red beans, mung beans, beans and so on as our common life is to eat, for soy products which contain a lot of protein, high protein diet will increase with the increase of protein excretion, renal function damage, so it is best to eat.
Through the above explanation, I think everyone for some vegetables in nephrotic syndrome patients should not eat, all understand very clearly, so in later life the majority of patients must pay attention, in addition, in addition to diet conditioning, we must promptly to hospital for treatment, combined with drug treatment so, get rapid remission of nephrotic syndrome.

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