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How to eat a reasonable diet

2017-02-07 11:11

In general, nephrotic syndrome is divided into many types, but if the child suffering from this disease, it is really worried about the parents, in general, the occurrence of this disease is 3-6 years old children. Through experiments, the causes of nephrotic syndrome in primary nephrotic syndrome caused by 75.3%, hereditary and secondary contains 24.7%, therefore, for the treatment of kidney disease, it should be divided into these types of treatment, such treatment is the most effective.

Judging from the current statistics, among the patients with nephrotic syndrome, the patients with ear lesions were 25.8%, and the patients with true tinnitus had a total of 32.5%. At the same time, people who suffer from deafness occupy 44.8%, while those who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus are up to 28.7%. For this disease, although there is no clear cause, but need a good treatment, so in the course of treatment, to choose the most suitable method. In fact, this method of treatment also includes diet and treatment by surgery.

Now people for the nephrotic syndrome is more and more attention, it is hoped that can cure the disease as soon as possible, after all, the disease continue to show a growth trend, the diet is an auxiliary treatment technique is more healthy, it is best to eat 40 grams of protein per day, and the need for high quality protein, the first step is to choose dairy products and eggs material. As everyone knows, in the egg, 6 grams of protein, while 200ml milk, contains 6 grams of protein, at the same time, 0.1 pounds of lean meat, containing 8 grams of protein, of course, the highest protein content is chicken, in meat, fish protein content at least.

At the same time, nephrotic syndrome patients need more than 800mg/d daily intake of the substance, and can also add some vitamin D and calcium, the best vitamin is maintained at 1 grams, the nutrient content of this fruit contains some more, some fruit contains less general peaches, pears and. Even apple contains less, and relatively high content of vitamin C in orange, is 10 times higher than that in the wild jujube and hawthorn, and vitamin C content, but only with the orange 1/7.

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