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ephrotic syndrome in children, which is a common and frequen

2017-02-11 15:10

Nephrotic syndrome in children, which is a common and frequently occurring disease in childhood, is one of the main causes of irreversible end-stage renal failure. Because the disease type is more (up to more than ten kinds), the diagnosis is difficult to classify, if this kind of disease collectively referred to as nephritis, using the same method will not receive good results. The only way to pinpoint a disease diagnosis is a kidney biopsy. However, due to the small organs of children, do not fit, puncture difficulty, there are certain risks in operation, many hospitals did not carry out this project. Professor Wang finished the work in the Royal Australian experiment center of Nephrology Hospital of Melbourne, since 1982, the research group led by small nephropathy, after 20 years of clinical practice, to explore a set of methods of renal biopsy in children. The method used in pump suction under guidance of ultrasound, the success of more than 1500 children with renal biopsy, complete renal pathology and immunofluorescence test 25. Combined with the case, the analysis of epidemiology, the relationship with China characteristics in children with glomerular disease pathological types, age, gender, distribution characteristics and clinical manifestations, and provides a theoretical basis for the accurate diagnosis of glomerular disease type.

When it comes to parents and children on renal biopsy has doubts, Professor Wang said, this check is risky, high standard technical requirements for doctors, more than a thousand cases of children with what we do, the youngest is 4 months, no case of bleeding, infection, renal laceration and other organs such as puncture serious complications. The operation time is about 10 to 20 minutes. The results can be used to make the diagnosis clear, and play an important guiding role in the treatment and prevention of glomerular disease in children. The clinical manifestations of children with nephropathy are as follows: three.

1 systemic edema. Children with nephrotic syndrome in the beginning of the eyelids and face, and gradually spread throughout the body, severe nephrotic syndrome in children with pleural effusion, pleural effusion and scrotum, penis, labia edema, mostly for concavity.

2 normal or elevated blood pressure.

3 may have little urine or hematuria.


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