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Diet principles

2017-02-02 17:39

Diet principles

1, and control sodium salt intake: for nephropathy integrated syndrome patients should special easy appeared edema, and edema is due to sodium salt in human of content increases, so nephropathy integrated syndrome patients should into low salt diet, so as not to aggravated edema, in diet Shang should followed must of principles General to daily salt volume not over 2G suitable, disabled pickled food, less with MSG and the food alkali, puffy faded, and plasma protein close normal Shi, can recovery General diet. 

2, protein intake: for patients with proteinuria and albuminuria in patients with large quantities of protein goes by, it is easy to cause malnutrition, affected patients ' health.  But in patients with nephrotic syndrome in the diet is also required in accordance with certain principles for the protein diet, in the early, extremely high quality protein diet (1~1.5G/kg*d).

3, fat intake: patients usually have high blood fat, this can easily lead to renal damage and hardening.  Therefore, patients should try to eat less fat, restricted animal offal, meat, seafood and other foods high in cholesterol and fat intake.

4, trace element supplement: patients should be aware that trace element supplement with massive proteinuria, patients lose large amounts of protein and trace elements, elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron deficiency, supplementation should be given.
5, power supply: due to some patients with protein, its thermal energy supply to carbohydrates and fats as the main source, depending on the intensity and energy supply. L g of protein intake, must also be non-protein calorie intake 138,000 Joule (33,000), rest, can supply a daily amount for adults, adult 126~147 kcal per day, and to meet the needs of the patient. 6, moisture control: If a clear edema, water intake should be controlled. Intake calculated according to daily urine plus 400~500 ml of water (including drinking water, eating porridge, soup, soups).

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