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"Diet of nephrotic syndrome"

2017-01-24 16:03

"Diet of nephrotic syndrome"

(1) the sodium intake: edema of the low-salt diet, so as not to aggravate edema and General daily amount of salt not exceeding 2G is appropriate, disable preserved foods, use less MSG and food base, when the swelling subsided nearly normal, serum protein, you can resume normal diet.

(2) protein intake: nephropathy integrated syndrome Shi, large plasma protein from urine in the discharge, human protein reduced and in protein nutrition bad state, low protein blood syndrome makes plasma colloidal penetration pressure declined, led edema stubborn difficult elimination, body resistance also with of declined, so in no kidney function failure Shi, its early, and very period should give high of quality protein diet (1~1.5G/kg*d), as fish and meat,. This helps relieve some of hypoalbuminemia and consequent complications.

High protein diet renal blood flow and Glomerular filtration rate and Glomerular Capillary in high pressure, while protein intake also increases the urinary protein and Glomerular sclerosis can be accelerated. Therefore, chronic, non-critical patients with nephrotic syndrome should consume less amount of high quality protein (0.7~1g/kg*d), chronic renal dysfunction occurs, you should low-protein diet (0.65g/kg*d).

(3) FAT: Hyperlipidemia in nephrotic syndrome patients often have, this can cause hardening of the arteries, hardening and Glomerular injury should therefore restrict animal offal, meat, seafood and other foods high in cholesterol and fat intake.

(4) trace elements added as nephrotic syndrome patients with Glomerular basement membrane permeability increases, in addition to losing a lot of protein in the urine, but also lost some trace elements and hormones in conjunction with protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other elements lacked, to provide appropriate supplement. General diet rich in vitamins and trace elements of vegetables, fruit, grains, seafood and supplemented.

Nephrotic syndrome is not diet: traditional treatment methods, nephrotic syndrome low protein blood syndrome patients, doctors mainly import albumin, or suggest intake of a high protein diet, to complement the massive proteinuria caused by loss of body protein.

Low protein diet in patients with nephrotic syndrome, or per kilogram per day (according to the person's weight), 0.8 grams of protein diet, low protein diet for 14 days after such, nephrotic syndrome patients significantly reduces the amount of urinary protein excretion, and elevated serum albumin.

On the contrary, if an intake of a high protein diet in patients with nephrotic syndrome, per kilogram per day (by weight) of 1.6 g of protein intake, intake of a high protein diet increases the protein synthesis, but routine urine examination showed that urinary protein excretion is increased, this increased number of proteins excluded patients with nephrotic syndrome, resulting in kidney damage.


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