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Complications of kidney(二)

2017-01-13 18:20




(1) loop diuretics remain in effect for loop diuretics should be larger dose to scour blocking renal tubule type;
(2) hemodialysis is not effective, and has reached the indications of dialysis, hemodialysis should be given to maintain life, and after the addition of plasma products to appropriate dehydration, in order to reduce renal interstitial edema;
(3) the primary treatment for the disease is mainly due to its pathological type, and it should be treated actively;
(4) alkaline urine oral sodium bicarbonate alkaline urine, in order to reduce the formation of tube type.4 protein and fat metabolism disorders .It is often difficult to completely correct the metabolic disorder before NS remission, but the amount and  structure of protein and fat in the diet should be adjusted to minimize the effects of metabolic disorders. At present, Many drugs can be used to treat protein and fat metabolism disorders. Such as: ACEI and angiotensin II receptor 
antagonist can reduce urinary protein; studies have shown that Chinese herbal medicine can promote. Albumin synthesis into the liver, and may have a role in reducing hyperlipidemia. Lipid lowering drugs can choose   cholesterol - lowering coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase.
Inhibitors, such as lovastatin and other statins; or triglyceride lowering mainly clofibrate, fenofibrate as such.After the remission of NS, hyperlipidemia can be naturally relieved   Continued drug therapy.

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