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Dialysis patients, please pay attention to your dry weight

2017-12-13 15:45

The so-called dry weight is that there is no water retention of sodium in the patient, and life is self-care. When lying down, there is no difficulty in breathing and blood pressure is stable. When it feels good, the body weight is the ideal body weight after dialysis treatment.

Dialysis patients, please pay attention to your dry weight

End stage renal failure patients in the clinical significance of dry weight, give patients a suitable dry weight is very important, it is the basis of ultrafiltration, and improve the patient's quality of life assurance. Let patients know their dry weight and clinical significance, can make the patients with good control of water and food, to prevent the complications caused by retention of water and sodium. Severe edema, heart failure and life-threatening respiratory failure. It also makes the patients with hypotension during dialysis, appear vomiting, muscle spasm, increase the pain to the patient.

When there are changes in dry weight, regular dialysis, reasonable diet, proper exercise in stable condition, the dry weight will increase. And will lose weight, should be based on the actual situation in the clinical timely correction. At the same time guiding the patients to control their own weight, according to their intake. The analysis cycle control of water is necessary. Between the two dialysis weight gain does not exceed 5%. advocate patients to renew the idea, change the past eating habits, eat less water in food, especially the water intake should be strictly urinary patients do not drink tea, drink beverages. Urine can according to their urine volume, water quantity for the urine volume of 500 ml. The change of attention.

With the dry weight for the present is the doctor according to the general condition of the patient, and after repeated dialysis after evaluation of it. This is just a ballpark figure, the dry weight is particularly suitable, also need to go through the measure of the following aspects.

1, symptoms; self-care, no difficulty in breathing, no nocturnal paroxysmal dyspnea, stable blood pressure, and no edema all over the body.

2, the cardiovascular system is stable, no heart failure, no lung, smooth blood pressure, no large liver, no edema of the lower extremities, no pleural effusion and ascites.

A suitable dry weight is set for patients. After every dialysis, this standard is achieved. The quality of life of patients is improved. Prolonging survival time and improving the overall level of dialysis are of great significance.


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