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The kidney is what is the kidney

2017-01-24 16:27

According to the understanding, in recent years, with the development of society, side effects of various diseases on people more and more, such as the kidney synthesis showed a serious threat to the patient's life, the number of mechanized die each year due to kidney increased constantly, caused great panic, so the disease people, cure kidney synthesis the? Our hospital nephrology experts to explain in detail.
My kidney experts explained that the kidney is a large amount of proteinuria PRO (24 hours proteinuria PRO more than 3.5G) Gao Zhi blood disease and a different degree of clinical syndrome. See more by reason of primary glomerular disease (such as primary glomerulonephritis, focal glomerular sclerosis etc.), secondary glomerulonephritis (such as lupus nephropathy and diabetic nephropathy) and secondary infection (such as bacteria and viruses), circulatory system disease, drug poisoning caused.
This disease early film mild lesions, with the lesions gradually progress, large amount of protein in the urine, is the key cause of the decrease of plasma protein. The decrease of plasma protein level, especially the decrease of albumin, lead to the decrease of plasma colloid osmotic pressure, and promote the exudation of blood vessels to the blood vessels. The mechanism of hyperlipidemia is still not very clear. When a large number of urinary protein loss, because the liver synthesis of albumin increased, the synthesis of lipoprotein also increased, as a result of hyperlipidemia. In addition, lipoprotein lipase activity decreased the lipid clearance decreased, perhaps part of the reason for the.
Center of kidney disease diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease hospital attached to the site I aim at domestic and overseas clinical kidney field the development of cutting-edge technology, adhere to tradition and innovation, the unique advantages of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine cure kidney disease, set the essence of traditional Chinese medicine innovation and inheritance, through investigation and Practice for many years, the formation of a comprehensive prevention and treatment of kidney disease: penetration therapy + six immunization the unique feature of Chinese medicine therapy scheme.
According to understanding, the treatment from the infection causes, environmental reasons, immune causes, nerve function disorders, endocrine causes, plants lack of trace elements and nutrition, disorder, drug induced The new supersedes the old. pathogenic causes, spirit of reason, renal microcirculation disorder and ischemia, hypoxia and ischemia reperfusion injury incidence reasons, starting from the the mechanism of kidney disease and the disease pathogenesis, treatment and multi angle, multi channels, multiple targets and pathways for the treatment of kidney disease.
"Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immunotherapy" by "self blood immune kidney treatment", "Na Zhi Tong immune kidney treatment method" and "multi targeted Fu Yuan kidney treatment method, biological treatment method of kidney immune complex" etc., these treatments are a body, complement each other, external treatment for internal diseases, symptoms, authoritative and distinctive characteristics in the aspects of cure diseases such as nephrotic syndrome. After clinical validation of tens of thousands of cases, with significant results, for the early and middle stages of nephropathy curative rate high, end-stage renal disease to effectively protect residual renal function and accelerate renal function recovered gradually, delaying dialysis time and fewer times of hemodialysis, the ultimate goal is from dialysis.
The above is the "kidney synthesis" of the relevant explanation, I believe we have a simple understanding, a kidney specialist, the kidney synthesis must go to a regular hospital treatment, the side effects for the patient is very large, if not to take the time to heal or cure is undeserved cause uremia showed high creatinine, side effects life and health.

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