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Membranous nephropathy

2017-01-24 16:16

Membranous nephropathy, is the most common disease of adult nephrotic syndrome type.

Nephrotic syndrome is a group of clinical manifestations, is not independent of the name, as long as it is consistent with a lot of protein in the urine (24 hour ration greater than 3.5G), low protein blood (serum albumin is less than 30g/L) these two conditions, it can be known as nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome is often associated with high blood lipid, edema and other performance.

Many types of diseases, such as small lesions, diabetic kidney disease FSGS and so on, can all cause nephrotic syndrome, according to the statistics, 3 in adult nephrotic syndrome about 1 puncture Renal Biopsy result is membranous nephropathy.

Membranous nephropathy in adults is usually of primary (also called idiopathic), secondary factors were excluded, all of primary membranous nephropathy about 75%.

80% of primary membranous nephropathy with onset of nephrotic syndrome and the rest was non levels nephropathy and proteinuria (less than 3.5G/).

We look for primary membranous nephropathy, which factors affect its prognosis.

1 clinical indicators:Tips on clinical indicators of membranous nephropathy deterioration are:1) when older (> 50 years);2) male;3) sustainable levels nephropathy and proteinuria (greater than 3.5G/), and in particular protein in urine is greater than 8g/.4) when serum creatinine is increased;

2 pathology:Percutaneous renal histological findings are usually regarded as important predictors of prognosis, severe when patients with membranous nephropathy pathology interstitial fibrosis and renal tubular atrophy and lesions in patients with poor prognosis, renal tubular interstitial injury on prognosis judgment more closely than the Glomerular injury.

Because of renal tubulointerstitial damage is more obvious, usually associated with old age, the higher the average arterial pressure and low creatinine clearance rate. Kidney and renal tubulointerstitial damage related to declining life expectancy.

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