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How to reduce the side effects of hormone use in nephrotic s

2017-01-25 17:04
How to reduce the side effects of hormone use in nephrotic syndrome
Drug treatment of nephrotic syndrome, generally contain certain hormone composition, but the long-term use of these drugs in patients with low immunity, easy to cause osteoporosis and other side effects, in order to reduce these side effects, patients must ensure adequate sleep, calcium and appropriate to ensure personal hygiene cleaning, so as to the patients got effective treatment.
Nephrotic syndromes are kidney disease, once the nephrotic syndrome, brought serious harm to the health of patients, drugs in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome with hormone composition, although can help the body to relieve the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, but hormone drugs have side effects on many the body, so how to reduce the side effects of nephrotic syndrome using hormone? Here is simple to introduce.
First of all, the respiratory tract infection is one of the side effects of patients taking steroids in nephrotic syndrome patients, in order to make the side effects in the effective mitigation, and timely to add clothing, as little as possible or not to crowded places, so it can avoid the occurrence of bacterial infection, but also to ensure patients living environment the fresh air and circulation.
Secondly, the body's resistance and immunity decline, but also in patients with nephrotic syndrome caused by taking hormone drugs, the resistance declines, it is susceptible to bacterial infection, cause other diseases of the body, so keep your personal hygiene clean, is also very important.
In addition, the symptoms of osteoporosis, may also be caused by long-term use of hormone drugs, so to reduce the occurrence of side effects, reduce the harm to the patient's body hormone drugs, patients need to take calcium, it can be the osteoporosis symptoms have been alleviated.
Finally, prone to excessive fatigue symptoms, but also caused by the long-term use of hormone therapy of nephrotic syndrome in the human body, once the market feel fatigue, will seriously affect the quality of the patients, but also not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, so keep a good sleep is also a method of relieving fatigue.
Through the above explanation, I want you to relieve the nephrotic syndrome with hormone drug side effects, have a clear understanding, although drug treatment of nephrotic syndrome is a very important means, but good care is also very important, only to the daily care, to patients with nephrotic syndrome symptoms effective mitigation, this point must pay more attention to the family.

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