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The kidney cycle is long, treatment is persistent

2017-05-17 17:53

Kidney disease is a kind of difficult disease, the course of disease is longer, the lingering affection is not more, the treatment is more difficult, and we must continue to take medicine treatment, even if the treatment has achieved very good curative effect, consolidation treatment should be at least one or two years or more. Treatment of difficult kidney disease, time should be longer.
Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease has some advantages. It is through the right remedy to repair kidney tissue, improve renal function, so that kidney disease is well controlled. But to achieve good results, there must be a process, taking some time. Only after adhering to the medicine for a period of time can you see the curative effect, and in the course of treatment, often due to colds, fatigue, mood swings, improper diet and other reasons lead to repeated or recurrence of kidney disease. Therefore, we must firmly treat confidence, especially to seize the best treatment opportunity.
In clinical practice we often send the patients or parents go to two extremes of the treatment of the disease, it is not paid enough attention to the child's condition and prognosis, treatment goals, medication not perseverance, was able to cure the patient for the delay time, and eventually became the last rule. The second is the mental burden is too heavy, because the doctor's treatment regimen is always lack of confidence, not with treatment, and some even give their children a prescription. In the end, there is no effect. As everyone knows, any expert has a knowledge of the process of disease diagnosis and treatment, and there is a stage from quantitative change to qualitative change. So the doctor said the frequent replacement of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is taboo. There are parents of children with urinary tests every small changes in nervous, virtually give children caused great psychological burden, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of nephropathy.

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