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Must be renal puncture treated for nephrotic syndrome?

2017-05-25 16:50

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) can be caused by a variety of causes, with glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, manifested as a large number of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, high edema and hyperlipidemia of a group of clinical syndromes.

Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease. Many doctors recommend renal biopsy before they are treated, but renal biopsy can cause severe adverse effects that many patients do not want. Is renal syndrome necessary for renal biopsy? These are the concerns of these patients.

Nephrotic syndrome

As a result of the role of human glomerulus, such as a dense woven "screen", under normal circumstances, the blood can be some of the large molecular weight of protein barrier, so that it does not lose in vitro. However, once the nephrotic syndrome occurs in the glomerulus, the mesh of the mesh is enlarged from small to large, and even the large molecule protein can pass through the mesh of the "bad sieve" and drain along with urine. As a result of a large amount of protein flowing out of the body, the body presents a state of protein malnutrition that can lead to protein disorders in the body. The presence of low serum protein results in the accumulation of water and sodium in the body, causing severe swelling in the body and leading to nephrotic syndrome. The pathological types of nephrotic syndrome are diverse and different pathological types, and the prognosis is different.

Treatment: all patients with severe edema and hypoproteinemia need to stay in bed. Edema disappeared, the general situation improved, you can get up. Give normal quantity of 0.8 ~ 1.0g/ (kg. D) high quality protein (mainly rich in essential amino acids of animal protein mainly) diet. Heat should be fully guaranteed. Daily weight should not be less than 30 to 35kcal per kilogram. Although patients lose large amounts of urine protein, the high protein diet increases glomerular filtration, which can aggravate proteinuria and promote the progression of renal disease, so it is no longer advocated.

Should be low salt (<3g/d) diet when edema. In order to reduce hyperlipidemia, a diet rich in saturated fatty acids (animal fats) should be added, while diets rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable oil and fish oil and diets rich in soluble fiber (such as beans) should be eaten.

Does that nephrotic syndrome have to be renal biopsy? Renal biopsy, renal biopsy, or renal biopsy. Renal biopsy can help patients identify the types of nephrotic syndrome early and avoid many detours". But the use of renal biopsy will have a very serious impact on the patient.

Nephrotic syndrome must do renal biopsy? Generally glucocorticoid sensitivity in patients with nephrotic syndrome in the treatment of renal biopsy does not need to do, but for patients with steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome, hormone dependent and frequent recurrence or secondary nephropathy are indications of renal biopsy in patients with nephrotic syndrome, further diagnosis and guidance the treatment and prognosis, the remission rate of progressive nephropathy. At present, nephrotic syndrome patients with renal puncture techniques and instruments have been greatly improved, parents and related staff should be exempt from unnecessary concerns. After the renal biopsy is confirmed, the most important thing is to treat the patient in time.

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