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Keep warm of these areas of kidney disease patients

2017-11-03 17:04

Cold will reduce the body's resistance, so that bacteria have more opportunities to attack, so at the turn of seasons, we need to add clothes in time according to climate change, not only that, but also for some special parts of the well warm work, otherwise, the body is very easy to have some problem.

Keep warm of these areas of kidney disease patients

Head, autumn is the season with high inducement of headaches, which is closely linked with the head colds. After the head is stimulated by cold air, cerebrovascular contraction occurs, leading to poor blood circulation, resulting in headaches. When the seasons turn cold, pay attention to the head warm, to ensure adequate rest.

Legs, the cooler temperatures in the season, many people in order to show the graceful figure, the lower part of the body wears few, do not wear warm clothing, so that the legs exposed to cold air, which will make a little bit of cold outside the body invade the body, rheumatism, arthritis, lower extremities cold, low immunity and other symptoms will appear one by one, therefore, we can not damage healthy for beauty.

Abdomen, abdomen cold, will have a great impact on our stomach, not only affect the digestion and absorption of food, but also lead to indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea and many other digestive diseases; for women, but also lead to dysmenorrhea and irregular menses.

Feet, feet covered with dense acupuncture points, meridians; when the foot get cold will certainly affect the body's cooling operation, the body's resistance will decrease, so that various diseases will take advantage of it.

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