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Do you know how to treat membranous nephropathy?

2017-11-15 17:50

Membranous nephropathy, also known as membranous glomerulonephritis, is characterized by diffuse immune complex deposition in the basement membrane of the glomerular basement membrane with diffuse thickening of the basement membrane. Membranous nephropathy is a typical immune nephrosis. So how does membranous nephropathy staged? According to the pathological changes of renal units, membranous nephropathy divided  into four stages:

Do you know how to treat membranous nephropathy?

Stage one: the immune complex has just begun deposition on the basement membrane, which has not yet caused structural changes. The patient has only a small amount of proteinuria, which is the best time for treatment. But it's often overlooked.

Stage two: the deposition of immune complexes increased, basement membrane thickening and glomerular epithelial cells began to appear, spike like change of podocyte damage seriously. The urine protein began to increase, but has not yet reached the massive proteinuria, so, if found that the disease and aggressive treatment, the probability of cure is still very large.

Stage three: irregular thickening of the basement membrane, irregular stratification, podocyte damage, and foot fusion phenomenon. At the beginning of the emergence of a large number of urine protein, appeared syndrome, the treatment difficulty increased, since the fusion of foot process leads to barrier damage, greatly weakened the effect of the hormone.

Stage four: thickened basement membrane, mesangial hyperplasia and glomerulosclerosis. The urine protein began to decrease, but the condition has worsened, because kidney function gradually decreased, while the gradual decline of renal function, creatinine increased, membranous nephropathy gradually into renal failure stage.

How to treat membranous nephropathy?

In the stage one or two, membranous nephropathy is easy to treat, because this time the immune complex is less, nephron has not been substantial damage, hormone control inflammation, prevent protein leakage can continue.

In the stage two is not what the effect of hormone, hormone is because inflammation, abnormal changes in podocyte and basement membrane and there is no good effect. Therefore, the treatment of membranous nephropathy, early cleaning of immune complexes, to prevent the thickening of the basement membrane is very important.

In the stage of three or four, although the Chinese medicine effect becomes less obvious, but you can use Jinshuibao bailing medicine etc. play the effectiveness of Qi and blood circulation to achieve the expansion of blood vessels and improve the effect of the blood circulation, thus delaying renal failure.


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