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Tomatoes can be alkaline uric acid to prevent gout

2017-11-16 15:05

Uric acid is the waste generated by the decomposition of cells and energy substances in the body. Cells change every day through metabolism, and the old cells that do not need to be turned into “purines".

Tomatoes can be alkaline uric acid to prevent gout

Purine is a low molecular compound, which can be generated when the energy is decomposed. In addition, some foods contain purine, after eating will also increase purine in the body. After producing purines, uric acid is synthesized in the liver. Most uric acid passes out of the kidney through the urine, and a small amount of uric acid is excreted through feces and sweat.

If the concentration of uric acid dissolved in the blood exceeds 416.7umol/L, the uric acid will become difficult to dissolve in the blood. Uric acid and sodium that do not dissolve in the blood bind to form urate. Urate crystals crystallize and accumulate in joints and subcutaneous areas. Urate crystals are white needles, sharp crystals will stimulate joints and other causes of pain, which is gout. Hyperuricemia does not necessarily cause gout immediately, but persistent, the possibility of gout will increase, and hyperuricemia is also an important cause of kidney stones, renal failure.

Tomato is alkaline food, can promote the excretion of uric acid. Because the urine becomes alkaline, it is easy to dissolve uric acid, so as to smooth out uric acid. Tomatoes contain pectin, citric acid, malic acid, potassium, vitamin, amino acid, lycopene rich nutrients, has various effects, but also improve the bowel, fever, hypertension and liver function. Hyperuricemia may lead to hypertension complications. The potassium contained in tomatoes is not only diuretic, but also has a role in lowering blood pressure. Lycopene in tomatoes has a strong antioxidant effect, can prevent arteriosclerosis. It can be seen that tomatoes can prevent hyperuricemia complications in many ways.


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