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Does nephropathy should control the protein? How much do you

2017-12-29 17:18

Primary nephropathy such as acute and chronic nephritis, primary nephrotic syndrome, etc .; secondary nephropathy such as hypertensive nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis and other nephropathy is not required to control protein intake, which like nephrotic syndrome Of patients because of the large amount of protein lost in urine, the presence of hypoproteinemia, the patient's edema is not easy to fade, but also need to add protein to improve plasma protein levels in favor of edema subsided.

Does nephropathy should control the protein? How much do you know about the misunderstanding of kidney disease?

Need to control the protein is kidney failure. Chronic renal failure in patients with protein intake is less the better, because less protein intake, resulting in less nitrogen-containing metabolic waste, uremia symptoms are light. However, normal human and human lesions require protein repair, protein intake too little, not enough normal physiological needs will form a negative nitrogen balance, the body weakness, anemia, but also not conducive to the recovery of the disease. So for patients with chronic renal failure protein intake to take into account the basic needs of both the body and kidney function, to find the best balance, not less is better. In order to pursue short-term curative effects, some doctors completely forbid the patients to consume protein, which is unfavorable to the long-term recovery.

Misunderstanding of kidney disease

Hormone can cure the disease. Many patients feel tired at the beginning of onset, legs heavy, morning after the face edema, and later found urine protein or occult blood, was identified as the disease.

Routine treatment of this disease, often using oral hormones, Tripterygium, cyclophosphamide and other drugs to control urinary protein, occult blood. The beginning of treatment is also obvious, the index quickly improved, disappeared, but encountered a cold, tired and attack. So, began to use hormones, so repeated, more than once aggravate, gradually nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of renal insufficiency.

In fact, urinary protein and occult blood is due to severe damage to the glomerular basement membrane, the simple use of some controlled drugs, urinary protein from the target point of view, the temporary disappearance of occult blood does not mean that the disease is cured, these hormones Drugs have obvious side effects, no temporary solution, the index declines tomorrow will rise again.

Dialysis can not get rid of. Western medicine believes that if uremia patients started hemodialysis, to get rid of it is impossible, but the fact is not so. Because each person's primary disease is not the same, leading to uremia causes and incentives are not exactly the same. If we can take an effective approach to treat the original disease removal incentives, out of hemodialysis is entirely possible.

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