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Comprehensive treatment of kidney recipe

2017-02-02 17:16

Comprehensive treatment of kidney recipe
1. cytotoxic drugs hormone therapy, or hormone-dependent type or recurrent, cannot tolerate hormones side effects to continue drug use can try cytotoxic drug in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Because of this drug have gonads toxicity, reduced body resistance and risk of cancer and, therefore, on the indications of drug use and treatment should be carefully mastered. Such as focal segmental glomerulonephritis with poor response to cytotoxic drugs, and should not be used. Such drugs commonly used in clinical practice, ring cyclophosphamide (CTX) benzene with nitric acid (CB1348) effect of the most reliable. CTX dose for 2~3mg/(kg • d), for 8 weeks, when the cumulative total over 300mg/kg prone gonad toxicity. Butyric acid n-0.1mg/benzene (kg • d), 3 oral dose, 8 weeks, accumulated a total of 7~8mg/kg are vulnerable to toxic side effects. To ease again relapse after drug not in favor of a second drug to avoid poisoning. Lupus nephritis, nephrotic syndrome caused by membranous Glomerulonephritis, some people suggested that selection of CTX pulse therapy, the dose for 12mg~20mg/(kg ·), once a week, used 5~6 times by patients after the tolerance of drug clearance period to be extended, total dosage of 9~12g. Shock treatment aims to reduce the dosage of hormones, reduce complications and improve the efficacy of infection, but should be based on glomerular filtration function in dosage or jiyong.

2. the effect of Cyclosporine a (CyA) CyA is an effective inhibitor of cell-mediated immunity, has tried in recent years for the treatment of various autoimmune diseases. At present clinically with minimal change, membranous nephropathy and proliferative nephritis is sure. Compared with hormones and cytotoxic drugs, CyA's biggest advantage is to reduce proteinuria and improve hypoproteinemia is reliable, does not affect the growth and inhibits blood cell function. But the drug also has a variety of side effects, the most serious side effects of kidney and liver toxicity. The incidence of renal toxicity in 20%~40%, and long-term use can lead to interstitial fibrosis. In inpidual cases relapse after treatment. It is not suitable for long-term use of the drug in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, not to mention easy to use this drug as a preferred drug.

3. the TCM comprehensive therapy due to some poor response to immunosuppressive therapy of nephrotic syndrome, sustained from a significant loss of protein in the urine. In addition to symptomatic treatment for these patients, a trial of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Nephrotic syndrome by TCM theory, edema, characterized by spleen-kidney deficiency and accumulate in the interstitial water and Tianjin, was the performance of virtual and real, so treatment should be reinforcement and elimination in combination, that is warming the kidney and strengthening the spleen on the basis of the diuretic. Treatment based on syndrome differentiation for follows: spleen-kidney Yang-deficiency type, therapeutic warming kidney and spleen, and to water. Prescription availability of Zhenwu decoction, jisheng shenqi pills addition and subtraction. ② spleen-kidney deficiency type: treatment for replenishing Qi and invigorating spleen and kidney, prescriptions available spleen decoction or stephania tetrandra Fuling decoction and shenling baizhu powder addition and subtraction. ③ the deficiency of kidney yin and Yang are: cure for double up of yin and Yang, available prescription jishengshenqi pill, rehmanniae addition and subtraction.



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