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People who suffer from uremia? Here to analyze.

2017-01-24 14:04

People who suffer from uremia? Here to analyze.

What kind of people are likely to suffer from uremia? Uremia terrible as we all know, so to prevent the disease is very important for us, because of illness after people's physical and mental will have a very big impact, so in the end what people tend to get in? Let us experts to introduce to our..

What kind of person is easy to suffer from uremia? Kidney disease hospital expert introduces in detail:

1, who is prone to uremia in hypertensive patients? 15 will be transferred directly into uremia. Statistics in China in 1998, hypertension patients accounted for 10 of the population, that is to say, every 10 people have 1 hypertensive patients, 1.5 of them will be in uremia patients.

2, many patients with diabetes is the direct outcome in uremic diabetic. Statistics recently demonstrated that, in the Chinese population, the existing 43 million 200 thousand people with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance were 50 million 640 thousand, two and 93 million 840 thousand. That is to say, only because there are about 13 million uremic patients and about 15000000 uremic diabetic high-risk groups in China.

3, who is prone to uremia, all patients with chronic kidney disease will be the final outcome of uremia, which is the main cause of chronic nephritis, uremia in the disease, chronic glomerulonephritis accounted for 55.7.

4, in our country, chronic pyelonephritis is second factors of uremia, accounting for 21.2.

5, what people tend to get uremia? Related to the age. The elderly caused further damage to renal function and development for uremia. Such as infection, cold, blood loss, water shortage, nephrotoxic drugs and other kidney diseases, can become the inducement in elderly patients with uremia.

6, HIV infection caused by uremia showed an upward trend

Uremia should be treated in time:

The treatment of uremic patients should be timely we should know is that uremia is a very dangerous kidney disease, uremia is actually refers to the human body can not produce urine by the kidney, the in vivo metabolic wastes and excess water from in vitro, with the progression of metabolic disorders caused by poisoning. Modern medicine uremic renal function after loss of body biochemical process disorder caused by a series of complex syndrome. In the course of treatment in patients with uremia, renal endocrine function in the treatment process, will produce some side effects to patients will cause two damage, so that patients who are very upset. May endanger the patients' lives, uremic patients must be timely treatment of the disease.

Warm tip: who is prone to uremia? See the introduction of the above experts, I believe we must have some understanding of it


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