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What is the material metabolism disorder in children with uremia?

2017-01-24 14:58

What is the material metabolism disorder in children with uremia?
Uremic patients in the disease, the normal metabolism of their ability to produce certain obstacles, resulting in patients with abnormal physical performance. Common metabolic abnormalities such as negative nitrogen balance and hyperlipidemia. So that patients with normal nutritional supplements affected, the patient's health will be damaged.
Uremia is a very serious disease, if the patient is not timely, it may cause the patient died. So for uremia, we should deal with the disease as soon as possible after treatment. In addition, the problem of material metabolism disorder caused by uremia should be paid more attention to, in order to discover and treat the disease in time.
Where is the material metabolism disorder
1, negative nitrogen balance:
There is a negative nitrogen balance, easy to cause the patients body weight loss, cachexia and hypoalbuminemia occurred. The presence of hypoalbuminemia is an important cause of renal edema disease.
Factors that cause negative nitrogen balance:
Patients with limited intake of protein quality or due to anorexia, nausea and other factors resulting in reduced protein intake.
Some substances accelerate the decomposition of proteins, such as methyl guanidine.
When people are suffering from uremia, there will be a large number of urea into the intestinal lumen with the blood. At this time, intestinal bacteria will break down the urea, thus releasing ammonia, and ammonia in the blood circulation process will be transported to the liver, thus the synthesis of urea, adverse to patients. Therefore, most people think that the intake of protein in patients with uremia is lower than normal. In order to maintain the balance of nitrogen in patients with uremia, the protein intake should be basically the same as that of normal people.
2, hyperlipidemia
In uremic patients, the amount of lipoprotein required for the synthesis of triglycerides in the liver is increased, resulting in an increase in triglyceride production. In addition, patients may be reduced due to their lipoprotein lipase activity, resulting in reduced clearance of triglycerides, and ultimately the formation of hypertriglyceridemia. The occurrence of this disease is mainly related to the accumulation of methyl benzene.
For uremia this disease, everyone in life when the disease, the normal function of the organ or the metabolic capacity of the material will therefore be obstacles, resulting in the normal life of patients affected. Therefore, uremia, once we find the disease, it is necessary to deal with in a timely manner, so as to better save the lives of patients.

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