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Uremia how to prevent it?

2017-01-25 11:11
Uremia how to prevent it?
The reason why people are suffering from the disease is due to the lack of time to prevent it, so that the more serious illness, so that people are distressed. Uremia is the same, in everyone's daily life is also able to guard against, but there are a lot of people do not know how to prevent uremia, which led to suffering from uremia. So, how to prevent uremia? Let the kidney hospital nephropathy experts to talk about it.
1) quantitative diet. Every day for at least sugar compounds in about 100g, and the protein will be limited.
2) regular blood tests will be performed to monitor changes in electrolytes.
3) monitor blood pressure changes. Blood pressure is measured several times a day.
4) every day and get rid of serious measurement records, every day will require weight.
5) to maintain the balance of liquid volume, the amount of infusion at this time are determined by careful calculation.
6) use caution. Each medication will be carefully compared and considered to ensure that the burden will not increase the burden on the kidneys. Drugs containing magnesium ions are often discontinued. At the same time, the dosage of drugs will be adjusted, perhaps not the same as normal. In addition, taking some drugs for a long time may also lead to acute uremia, medication should consult a doctor before, follow the doctor's advice, away from the occurrence of drug poisoning. Relevant data show that 20% ~ 50% of acute renal function damage is caused by drugs, as well as some exposure to harmful substances caused by. Therefore, you should try to stay away from the use and exposure to drugs or toxins harmful to the kidneys. In case of accidental exposure or exposure, take the time to show and treat early.
7) to the five internal organs, usually living, diet, pay attention to hygiene, away from the outside invasion, especially in the infectious disease epidemic season and regions should strengthen preventive measures; however, eat spicy Atsumi fried Huang, so far away from the breeding of damp heat; regulating emotions, maintain a happy spirit, make the blood gas accessible away from produce blood stasis; strengthen physical exercise, enhance the defense ability.
Through the expert on uremia, how to prevent the detailed explanation, presumably we have some understanding of this, and I hope that the information to help you. No matter what the disease is, as long as you can seize the time to guard against, which is beneficial to your future health, and some diseases can be cured by drugs.

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