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Women beware bieniao occupation Biechu uremia

2017-05-27 09:08

Work habits do not drink water please! Hsinchu County, a 32 year old female Engineer for long-term work in the clean room, wearing clean clothes too is too cumbersome, and long-term holding back urine do not drink, cause cystitis deteriorated from 3 years ago began dialysis, so she is very regret.

According to "United News Network" 18 reported that the female engineer into the clean room work, once had to stay for 6 hours, and in and out have to be sterilized. Female engineers feel that the whole type of dust-free clothing to wear off inconvenience, so as long as the formation of urine on the habit of holding back, I did not expect to suppress problems.

The Bureau of national health have reminded people on the site, the urine in the bladder, as there is no flow of water, it is easy to breed bacteria and sediment, come down for a long time, urinary tract infection, not only vulnerable to influence the contraction of bladder, kidney and even cause permanent injury, not only unable to fully repair, but also careful care for a lifetime.

The National Institutes of health reminds the public that the bladder is a hollow, flexible sac of meat, with a volume of about 400 ml, which can be stored temporarily by urine made by the kidneys and delivered through the ureter. The average person's urine volume is about 200 to 350 milliliters per day. At least 4 or 8 times a day, the number of urination is normal. If the bladder has nearly 400 ml of urine, but it has not been discharged, there will be a very urgent urine, bladder is very bloated feeling.

Bieniao often stays in the bladder is to let the "fullness" status, not timely clear urination. "Like the water in the ditch, it's not flowing."

- bieniao will Biechu four.

1, urinary tract infection:

Bieniao, no urine after urethral long time, can not be washed bacteria urethral opening, a large number of bacteria in the urinary tract aggregation, can easily lead to inflammation, especially urine flow is not smooth people (such as prostate hypertrophy, urination disorder or stones), the incidence of urinary tract infection, is much higher than the ordinary people.

2, bladder inflammation:

Bieniao make long-term bladder swell, bladder wall vascular oppression, bladder mucosa ischemia will, as long as the body resistance is poor, bacteria that cause acute cystitis "swoop".

Cystitis, bladder wall becomes more sensitive, despite the accumulation of urine is not much, also will be anxious to go to the toilet, but one is only a little urine; and most of the cystitis, urethral mucosa is usually in inflammatory state, so there will be a "burning", in addition there are often "hematuria" the situation. The more serious cystitis may even be a fever, complicated by symptoms such as kidney inflammation.

3, prostatitis and accessory orchitis:

If the male fluid intake is not enough or bieniao make urination is too small, the bacteria have the opportunity through the urethra infection; if the case is serious, even through the urine reflux to the prostate or vas deferens epididymis, cause prostatitis or side orchitis, the most serious complications can lead to infertility or even more.

4. Bladder injury:

Bieniao will make the bladder excessive expansion of long pull, wall muscle layer becomes thinner, if fibrosis situation will affect the elasticity, resulting in contraction of bladder so poor and pain, frequent urination and urinary sequelae is not clean; if the nerve is damaged, bladder sphincter weakness, and even cause the urine does not come out of the consequences.

On weekdays, try to follow the following four principles:

1, drink plenty of water, not water.

2, pay attention to personal hygiene, such as shower tub, little girls after going to the toilet, after cleaning to remember by the sexual behavior before and after, should pay attention to the perineum, anus and urethral mouth cleaning.

3, the normal diet and adequate rest and sleep, in order to increase resistance and immunity.

4, pay more attention to and control the disease easily lead to cystitis: such as diabetes, urinary calculi, hypertrophy of the prostate and so on.

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