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Cold hands and feet have a knack for nocturia mutton tonic

2017-06-13 10:28

In the winter, mutton became a hot commodity on the table. Mutton hotpot, mutton soup and mutton kebabs went into battle and staged a "mutton season" which belongs to winter". Many people eat mutton, in addition to its delicious, but also because it is widely known therapeutic efficacy. Many male friends to eat mutton because of its aphrodisiac; let the children eat mutton, can alleviate the symptoms of enuresis, urine; and for cold hands and feet of female friends, old friends, eat mutton warming. In this hot mutton season, mutton really has so many curative effects? Who will be? Is there any way to solve the problem of greasy food? These questions, 39 Health Network invited Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital Nansha Hospital Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners Dr. Deng Cong talk about their professional views.

Eat mutton, kidney yang, men and women, both men and women can be properly tonic

In the face of many folk of mutton therapeutic efficacy argument, Dr. Deng Cong affirmed, according to reports, Chinese medicine is the homology of medicine and food and food Meridian "and" four "," five flavors ", as part of the food itself belongs to drugs, such as" Compendium of Materia Medica "is included in the food drugs. While the lamb in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "the lamb can be empty, warming the Buzhong, appetizers fitness, kidney yang asthenia, bile eyesight, cold work, general debility". Chinese medicine believes that lamb sweet warm tonic aphrodisiac warming and tonifying the kidney.

Mutton is a suitable for everyone to eat food, especially physical weakness, physical deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, lassitude, aversion to cold, cold, and frequent urination, nocturnal enuresis, impotence, infertility, male female palace cold, irregular menstruation, infertility and other people can Zuoshan for diet.

Some areas also love to eat dog meat tonic, Dr. Deng pointed out that both are hot food tonic in winter, from the Chinese medicine, both of which are warm, the mutton is more moderate, suitable for more extensive.

Mutton taboo: some people want to say NO!

Since mutton is a kind of food suitable for both young and old, is it possible for all people to eat it? Dr. Deng denied. She pointed out that due to the temperature of mutton, every hot constitution or suffering from non cold diseases should not be consumed per capita. Which people are unfit to eat? If you find yourself not, dry cough, cold and fever sore furuncle, tongue erosion, red eyes, mouth pain, irritability, sore throat, sore gums, loose stools, diarrhea, Yin Huo Wang, it is best not to eat mutton.

Even without the above taboo, normal people should not indulge too much, especially children should be controlled at 50-100 grams per day is appropriate.

Eat mutton not to get angry? Got tips

Some people react and eat mutton after getting angry easily. Dr. Deng pointed out that the food collocation small defects alleviate the heat is easy to get angry, in cooking with some cool sweet, nourishing Runzao effect of ingredients such as sugar cane, water chestnut, tofu, radish, cool and detoxification, can play the role of a goal. Among them, the white radish can also eliminate stagnation, and mutton, dog meat, and greasy. At the same time, in order to avoid the lamb of warm, the cooking should be less pepper, pepper, clove, fennel and other pungent hot spices.

Warm Winter Fairy coconut soup: mutton soup

Finally, Dr. Deng recommended an original winter tonic soup, you might as well try at home.

[materials] Xianlingpi 30g, 1 coconut, 1 pounds of lamb, ginger 3 two, longan pulp 15g, red dates 10.

[Methods] 1, fresh mutton chop into pieces, add boiling water and boil for five minutes, remove and rinse, spare. 2, coconut shell, take the meat, coconut water retention. Wash the coconut meat and cut into pieces. 3, epimedium, longan pulp, red dates wash separately. Red jujube enucleation. 4, ginger wash, scrape ginger skin, cut into thick slices, with the knife blade Tataki, spare. 5, add appropriate amount of water inside the cooker, first boil over high heat to boil water, then add all of the above materials and coconut water, Hou then roll up, use of fire continued to burn for about three hours, add salt, you can drink the soup and eat the meat.

[effect] there are invigorating spleen and stomach, kidney yang, blood and physical function. The sweet and delicious soup, often drinking, can strong body, enhance the body's ability to keep out the cold, reduce the incidence of debilitating diseases opportunities. If the body is weak, kidney yang deficiency, dizziness, dizzy, tinnitus, deafness, cold intolerance, and temperature, palpitation, insomnia, frequent urination, nocturnal enuresis, impotence, infertility, male female palace cold, irregular menstruation, infertility, can use the "fairy coconut mutton soup" Zuoshan for diet.

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