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Bad habits can easily lead to uremia

2017-11-09 17:21

Uremia are caused by a lot of bad habits, once suffering from uremia by then restrictions will be very large, but also often suffer pain, so friends must try to prevent this disease.

Bad habits can easily lead to uremia

Eat more fruits and vegetables is good for health, this is the idea of many people, but for the patients with chronic renal dysfunction, some more food containing potassium in vegetables and fruits eating for a long time but will cause renal damage, so patients when eating fruit can be selected.

Human protein intake per kilogram of body weight per day is 0.8 grams, that is to say a person who weighs 50 kg per day, protein intake of 40 grams a day, so don't eat more than 300 grams of meat, so as to avoid damage to the kidney.

Salt is the main cause of kidney burden heavier. 95% salt in the diet is metabolized by the kidney, too much salt intake, kidney burden is heavy, coupled with the sodium salt will affect the discharge of body water, further increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney dysfunction.

Do not love drinking water, the metabolism of the waste is mainly excreted by the kidneys, metabolic physiological activities of waste generated in the urine, and then excreted. Do not drink water, resulting in the body's waste is not easy to rule out.

Drinking beer, drinking a lot of beer, uric acid deposition, resulting in obstruction of renal tubules, resulting in renal failure. In addition, beer is a beverage of high purine.

Use of nephrotoxic drugs and food, there are a lot of drugs on kidney toxicity in daily life, after taking may cause kidney damage, so when the medication should follow the doctor's instructions, to avoid causing kidney damage.


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