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Why does young people suffer from uremia more and more?

2017-11-10 18:19

The disease incidence rate of Chinese, almost all diseases are younger, but there is no disease to uremia, young people under the age of thirty accounted for 40% of the total, nearly half the number of patients with uremia. It should be under the age of thirty when the uremia in the full vigour of life, can be said to be a family tragedy. So why does so many people develop to uremia?

Why does young people suffer from uremia more and more?

The causes of nephropathy has so many, but mainly are the following: don't stay up late, correct medication, mental stress, pressure, urinary tract infection, overeating, drinking, exercise, improper poisoning, kidney aging and other reasons there may be few, but not many people will relate to.

Careful analysis of these reasons we will find, in addition to natural aging, most of the reason is the most accessible to young people, so as to cause the single theory, probability of young people have a much older than the incidence of NPC, and the young recovery capability makes this phenomenon is not obvious.

To know the incidence is not found, a lot of kidney disease is occult, almost no what early symptoms, and the people's physical consciousness is not strong, so in addition to the lucky few chance was found sick, mostly to uremia, obvious edema was unable to check out, causing a lot of tragedy. In addition, young people stay up or work for a long time can also lead to physical fatigue and other problems, but also easily confused with the initial symptoms of nephropathy, thus ignoring these conditions, it is difficult to find.

Uremia is the last stage of kidney disease, kidney function has basically lost at this time, but many patients before this stage of renal failure will basically feel, and thus found kidney disease. This time after getting up eyelid swelling, backache fatigue, urine red, urine too much foam and lasted for a long time, limbs, face, body and skin red dot appears more or erythema, limbs joint pain should be vigilant.

Young people under the age of 30 in terms of self-control and perception of the world is not as good as the elderly, that should be trying to earn a few people, it is difficult to quiet down, so young people although strong resilience, but the speed of progression is not lost in the elderly.

The above is why so many young people suffering from uremia, uremia has been developed, there is no way, but still on the road of young people must pay attention to these three points, let life go farther.

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