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Kidney disease is very difficult to treat, can it become ure

2018-01-28 16:43

Chronic nephritis generally progress slowly, it takes years or even decades to develop uremia. But clinical often encountered some patients with renal function in a few days, weeks or months of rapid progress. Even uremia. In this case, most of the obvious causes exist, and timely detection and removal of these causes can also save the kidney function.

Kidney disease is very difficult to treat, can it become uremia?

Most people don't understand the importance of the kidney to their health, and even if they have kidney disease, they don't know what role the kidney plays in our body. Some kidney diseases can be delayed, even if they don't recur. Know that the kidneys play a number of roles: removing waste, balancing water and electrolytes, controlling blood pressure, maintaining bone health, and regulating endocrine hormones. Assist in erythropoiesis, etc.

Kidney has powerful compensatory ability, each kidney has about 1 million kidney unit, but everyday work "kidney unit" about 30 percent. Medically this is called compensatory state. It is because kidney compensatory ability is good. Chronic renal disease is not easy to be found in clinic. In the middle and early stage of nephropathy, the hematologic and renal function is normal, but some patients find that the stage of severe renal failure uremia is later.

Risk factors for chronic nephropathy:

Autoimmune factors: including respiratory tract, alimentary tract infection formed inflammatory complex deposition in the kidney induced autoimmune response; Environmental pollution changes the autoimmune response induced by the tissue characteristics of the kidney; Autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, small vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on involve the kidneys.

High blood pressure, hyperglycemia: long-term high blood sugar, sooner or later damage to the kidney. Diabetic nephropathy is the early onset of diabetes, but also the most common. The most intractable complication. Hypertension is most closely related to CKD. CKD leads to hypertension, hypertension also causes chronic nephropathy, and whether primary or secondary. Continuous hypertension is the main cause of renal deterioration, so controlling blood pressure is the main treatment for CKD.

Drugs: heavy metals, antibiotics, sulfonamides, contrast agents and many other drugs can damage the kidney, many Chinese medicine also lead to kidney damage, in the case of drug-induced kidney damage. Chinese medicine accounts for about half or more of the factors. Generally speaking, western medicine often leads to renal tubular injury, Chinese medicine often leads to renal interstitial damage, the latter symptoms are more subtle, and may be more serious.

Life factors: high-salt diet, less water, long-term urine, long-term drinking, are the risk factors of kidney injury.

Other factors: polycystic kidney, urinary tract obstruction, urethral malformation, urinary tract infection, allergies, hepatitis B and other virus infections can lead to chronic nephropathy.

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