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What disease does not treat in time can develop uremia?

2018-02-07 17:16

Although uremia doesn't happen suddenly, a lot of life details aren't noticed, or some kidney diseases aren't treated in time, which can take you one step closer to uremia! 

What disease does not treat in time can develop uremia?

Cold not treated in time. Many people think that a cold is a trivial matter, even if they get a cold. Although the cold will not directly cause nephritis, but if treatment is not timely, it will lead to the disorder of the body's immune function and the susceptibility to infection with bacteria. If not suppressed, acute glomerulonephritis is induced, leading to uremia.

Often choking urine can not only lead to the formation of stones, but also a serious burden on the kidney. The kidney is primarily responsible for excretion, it needs to produce urine, metabolites in the body, Waste and excess water. If you have the habit of holding back your urine for a long time, the urine with bacteria will flow back to the kidney, causing acute nephritis, which will have an impact on the function of the kidney excreting waste. Once the metabolic waste is stored in the body for a long time, May cause renal failure. And long-term urine may also lead to the accumulation of crystal substances or calcium phosphate compounds in the urine, over time, the formation of urinary system stones.

The kidney belongs to the body's detoxification organ, but once some nephrotoxic drugs are abused, they may cause damage to the kidney and induce kidney failure. Many people, in order to lose weight or believe in some folk remedies, do not have a cautious sense of using drugs. Often use some traditional Chinese medicine tripterygium wilfordii, painkillers, tetracycline antibiotics and other nephrotoxic drugs, the side effects may lead to renal failure, for uremia buried hidden dangers.

High blood pressure and diabetes are an important cause of uremia. People with high blood pressure need strict control of blood pressure, because high blood pressure and kidney damage go hand in hand to some extent. Diabetes can also lead to kidney disease if you don't pay attention to blood sugar control.

If urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection is not treated in time, it will develop into chronic and repeated infection. If urinary tract infection is not cured for a long time, it will damage the kidney and affect urination. However, a large amount of excretory waste cannot be discharged. In addition, some people have urinary incontinence, but because of face did not treat in time, but once delayed treatment, bladder residual urine will also damage the kidney.

Long-term chronic glomerulonephritis, if not treated, kidney damage will be aggravated, eventually leading to renal failure, uremia.

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