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The Premise To Avoid Uremia, Control The Three Indicators

2018-02-24 18:08

Many patients with kidney disease do not understand it very well before they become ill. Most people think that the disease is not very serious and after a period of treatment the disease will be well. Therefore, they often do not pay much attention to it in the early stage. Leading to delayed treatment and exacerbation of the condition. With the accelerated progress of renal function decreasing and obvious symptoms of physical discomfort, a series of complications began to appear before realizing the severity of nephropathy and active treatment.

The Premise To Avoid Uremia, Control The Three Indicators

Regular blood pressure measurements, blood pressure levels stabilized at 130 / 80. Even if you don't have a history of hypertension, blood pressure rises after getting kidney disease. Mainly because kidney tissue is destroyed and blood flow is blocked after substantial kidney lesions occur. If blood pressure rises, it means that the condition is serious, and the sustained increase will accelerate the progress of the disease, which is not conducive to the protection of renal function.

Therefore, patients must be treated in time, medication on time, blood pressure control below 130/80 is the safest, the most important point is to adhere to the regular measurement of blood pressure in both arms, timely grasp the blood pressure, to avoid blood pressure rise affecting the progress of renal function.

Check proteinuria regularly and keep it within 1g. Proteinuria is also an important indicator of renal function and prognosis of nephropathy. In order to prevent the deterioration and aggravation of the disease, the key is to protect the renal function from damage. Therefore, some indicators that may aggravate renal dysfunction must be controlled well. Hypertension and proteinuria are both the key objects to control.

Serum creatinine, controlled below 500. Serum creatinine over 707umol/ L can be judged as uremia, 451-707 μ mol/L as renal failure. So to stay away from uremia, you have to keep your blood creatinine at a low level. Renal function decreasing progresses very quickly at the stage of renal failure. Even a little neglect, it may come to uremia, so must monitor this index well, it is better to monitor kidney function regularly every 3 months, grasp kidney function change situation in time.

In addition to these rigid indicators that must be controlled, patients also have to do four things in their lives: do not abuse drugs, to take drugs prescribed by their doctors; to follow the nephrotic diet strictly, such as low-salt, low-protein diets; and to do properly exercise every day to strength immunity; keep good mood. These seems as simple requirements are equally important for the treatment of the condition.


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