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What is recommended for patients with high cholesterol

2017-01-25 15:34

Fruit can give enough vitamins for our body, and taste delicious, rich enough moisture, so the majority of 

people's favorite, and when to see a patient, many people will bring a blue fruit, but for uremia creatinine 

high patient, not all fruits are suitable. So, what is the high cholesterol patients who have no way to eat what?

The following is my website under the kidney disease hospital doctor for everyone to explain in detail.

Uremia creatinine diet high specific or according to the patient's condition and decide: less or less, the number

of dialysis patients with high blood potassium, must strictly control the high potassium content of food, such as

pears, bananas and so on; oliguria, edema, high blood pressure patients, should be strictly limited to drink water

, because of the fruit moisture is relatively large, excessive consumption will aggravate edema.

The grapefruit and carambola is high in uremia creatinine diet taboo. Grapefruit because of cold, health than 

deficiency, lower blood pressure or stomach patients should not eat. Second, don't eat grapefruit when taking 

medicine, especially the angina pectoris, reducing blood pressure, reducing blood fat, anti cell amine drugs, 

because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids, can inhibit hepatic drug metabolism, resulting in enhanced efficacy

and dangerous, so in the interval of two hours before and after medication should eat grapefruit, relatively safe.

In addition, the grapefruit is high potassium foods or high creatinine uremic dialysis patients should not eat, so

far away from increasing the burden on the kidneys.

Carambola has the effect of quench and reduce anger, widely loved by the people, however, are contained in the 

various nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants can also supply the body needs, edible carambola is beneficial and 

harmless, but high creatinine uremic patients, it is one of the exceptions, light performance patients will 

exhibit more than hiccups serious, patients will die because of seizures.

Above is the relevant explanation of the method that the patient with uremia high creatinine does not have method

to eat fruit, to the patient with high content of uremia creatinine, seize the time to go to normal hospital to 

accept cure is very necessary.

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